UMoria 5.6 Windows port (Cygwin)

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Feb 16, 2015, 1:27:49 AM2/16/15
My old 32-bit PC port is now out of date both in terms of OS (needs DOSBox) and source version (5.5.2 versus 5.6), so I decided to port the Linux 5.6 source to 32-bit Windows using Cygwin:

I've also checked in and tagged each of the official source code versions from Beej's site to a Github repo in case anyone is interested:

My Cygwin port is contained on a branch of that repo:

So far the only issue I've noticed is that sometimes the screen doesn't redraw cleanly when you change sectors in a level. I'm not sure if that's a compatibility issue with ncurses or the Windows console or what. It clears up with a Ctrl+R redraw, so it's no big deal; if it bugs anyone, I could try forcing a redraw after a sector change, since it probably wouldn't be a noticeable performance issue on modern computers. I'm curious about whether it happens in the official Debian port.

- Ben Shadwick


Mar 2, 2015, 1:53:35 AM3/2/15

I've released an update to make this behave better (mainly a tweak to curses config to eliminate drawing artifacts).

In even bigger news, I've ported the MS-DOS flavor of the source code to Visual Studio 2013 for those who miss the MS-DOS specific features (keypad handling, 8-bit ASCII graphics, etc.).

Both versions can be found here:
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