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Sep 1, 2017, 11:01:51 AM9/1/17
I decided to give a ><0|\/| (or XOM) only run a try. However, for those who aren't insane enough to attempt to worship XOM, most players are unfamiliar with how this would play out.

Following XOM has some interesting consequences:
-You have a good chance at getting a lot of Health/Magic (and thus, skill/magic slots, albeit in random amounts)
-Unlike other gods, XOM does not teach skills/spells to the player upon leveling up, which means that you'll have to get lucky with finding books (or somehow get Belweir to teach you spells)
-XOM will mimic different gods, which means that the player is often forced to change their play style, even in mid-battle (be very careful when casting, as XOM will also mimic what other gods consider forbidden).
-Additionally, the player will see the message "XOM laughs", which means a creature that looks "impossible" or "like your funeral" will spawn somewhere on the floor. In the Early game, this often means a swift death if you're uncareful!

Because XOM will not teach spells, the player is oftentimes stuck with whatever books they spawn with. Keeping this in mind, I repeatedly restarted until I got a familiar tome, as they come with the spells heal (helpful in early game) and possess (can be used to 'diffuse' annoying monsters, such as by giving a cockatrice or green dragon sandals as their main weapon to prevent them from killing you).

However, I later used the familiar tome to learn 'track' and 'fetch'. Since worshiping XOM has a good chance to gradually fill the dungeons with tough monsters, Soul Suckers often lurked around. Basically, If a Soul Sucker steals your 'track' and 'fetch' spells, you're gonna have a bad time. I failed some of my earlier XOM runs because of this.

After a few failures, I decided to INSTEAD go for a tome of earth instead of the familiar tome for a few different reasons:
-With the exception of 'create pit' and 'rolling boulder', there aren't many spells in the tome of earth that can be used to a Soul Sucker's advantage (fortunately they won't use petrify against you)
-'dig' is useful for creating shortcuts in the dungeon, emptying your stomach to make room for delicious Soul Sucker corpses, and destroying earth elementals
-'entomb' is useful for creating walls and blockades, which is useful especially when in open-spaces
-'petrify' is always fun (though costly in MP) as a tool to avoid stronger monsters in a pinch and turn pets into portable statues, while 'stone-to-flesh' is helpful for infinite food.
-'down pour' can be used along with dig to make pools and trivialize fire elementals.

Other than that, I was careful to ensure that most spells I learned wouldn't be a pain to deal with when it came to Soul Suckers.

One perk of worshiping XOM is that getting holy water is easy (a little too easy, actually), which means provided that you have some empty bottles, you can repeatedly dip stuff in the holy water, refill empty bottles with more water, then dip those water bottles to make more holy water (rinse and repeat until your entire inventory is green).

My main method of dealing damage was by luring an enemy between a wall and my character, then simply casting magic missile at it. Since I had an amulet of reflection, this meant that the spell would bounce back and forth and hit the monster numerous times, which could quickly cripple beefy monsters.

At one point, I found an artifact long sword which had an electrical attack (and invisibility :D), so I dipped it in greek fire. Unfortunately, I later idiotically took a holy water bath in a pool I created while still wielding it, and wasn't able to find greek fire until much later.

While I normally avoid it, I decided to go to the tridude space-ship, as I had an artifact iron boots with breathless and an artifact cure potion with position-fixed (useful for not being infinitely teleported by purple tridudes). My method for clearing the ship usually involved luring tridudes away from the group, then exploding them with magic missile/lightning bolt. The golden tridude probably gave me the most 'trouble' out of any other creature in the game, and mostly involved a weird cycle:
1. possess golden tridude and forget all spells
2. repeatedly attack golden tridude while assaulting it with wands of slowness
3. realize your health is getting low and run away to heal up
4. begin process of healing and then instead get fully healed by XOM (thanks, I guess?)
5. Repeat 2-5 until either the boss or the player is dead

After that, everything else was downhill. I entered Belweir's library to get some much-needed books (and was finally able to get medium weapons/edged weapons/parry for the long sword).

I found Baezl'bub in a necromancer room (the one with a bunch of doors with zombies and a lich in the back), which I thought was kinda funny. I possessed Baezl'bub and made him forget all spells, while giving him a pair of artifact squeaky shoes which came with "vulnerable to cold and silver". I then repeatedly attacked him while he fought as valiantly as possible (when one holds squeaky shoes) until I realized what my favorite way to defeat the Great Demon was:
1. equip acid resistance
2. seriously, equip acid resistance, unless you want to commit suicide in the coolest way possible
3. acquire a large pile of junk (arrows and stones are good for this)
4. drop said junk onto a single square
5. cast corrosive explosion

Corrosive explosion effectively nukes everything that had the misfortune of not being acid resistant. After the explosion, the TRUE final boss appeared! It was a very angry gelatinous cube that was mad at me despite the fact that it was untouched by the acid explosion.

I lit the gelatinous cube on fire and began my ascent. At one point, I VERY NEARLY cast 'preserve' on a corpse while XOM was mimicking H'ruth (reminds me of a Pax run I did where I used 'soul suck' while possessing a soul sucker, forgetting that it was a death spell).

I got up to the surface and finished my run.


I knew I couldn't finish the game with loose ends... those loose ends, of course, being that I hadn't celebrated with a picnic yet!

So I made a bunch of orca-whale hearts (sorry, I meant walls of flesh) and invited everyone, including some preserved corpses I revived, some triceratops that I had repeatedly petrified/possessed to store items, some miscellaneous tamed monsters I created when zapping holy wands of create monster out of boredom, and of course, the game's bosses! Fortunately, Baezl'bub is a changed demon who realized right from wrong after being exploded by an acidic nuke.

Screenshot of the picnic

iPOWDER Version
Name: Dummy
Physical: 231/21 (max 231)
Mental: 119/17 (max 237)
AC: 10
X: 94
Depth: 0
56507 moves over 10h24m2s
Score: 3908
x Acid resistance
x Poison resistance
x Reflective
x Invisible
x See invisible
x Walk on water
x Jump
+ Dressed as a wizard
+ Flash
+ Sticky Flames
+ Magic Missile
+ Acid Splash
+ Acidic Mist
+ Acid Pool
+ Heal
+ Cure Poison
+ Major Heal
+ Resurrect
+ Summon Familiar
+ Transfer Knowledge
+ Diagnose
+ Preserve
+ Possess
+ Dig
+ Down Pour
+ Petrify
+ Stone to Flesh
+ Entomb
+ Dodge
+ Moving Target
+ Search
+ Evade Traps
+ Clean Kill
+ Leap Attack
+ Dual Wield
+ Ambidextrous
+ Helmets
+ Shields
+ Body Armour
+ Boots
+ Cloth Armour
+ Leather Armour
+ Iron Armour
+ Exotic Armour
+ Medium Weapons
+ Edged Attacks
+ Parry
Equipped Items:
- Holy +0 floppy hat Froodyfroody on head.
- Holy amulet of reflection named Reflection around neck.
- Holy +2 flaming sword Orcworfrost in right hand.
- Holy +0 boots of water walking named Water in left hand.
- Holy -1 plain robe over body.
- Ring of see invisible on right finger.
- Holy ring of acid resistance on left finger.
- Holy +0 jump boots named Jump on feet.
The holy +0 floppy hat Froodyfroody
This artifact grants poison resistance, armour 4.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The holy +2 flaming sword Orcworfrost
This artifact grants invisible, light radius 2.
Melee: 2d5+1 (shock), 1d3 (fire), 1d8 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The holy +0 silver spear Orcbaz
This artifact grants light radius 3.
Melee: 1d2+2 (cold), 1d9+1 (physical)
Thrown 5: 1d2+2[+2] (physical), 1d8+2[+1] (physical)

The +0 long sword Upabrask
This artifact grants search.
Melee: 1d8 (light), 1d8 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The holy +0 bow Slugbar
This artifact grants fast.
Melee: 2d3+3 (shock), 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The +0 leather cap Relatwang
This artifact grants cold resistance, armour 5.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The holy +1 iron helm Omatreyrelat
This artifact grants acid resistance, armour 9.
Melee: 1d6+2 (acid)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The holy +0 iron shoes Braskfroody
This artifact grants vulnerable to fire, breathless, armour 8.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The holy +1 squeaky shoes Treesmash
This artifact grants stoning resistance, vulnerable to silver,
vulnerable to cold, noisy, armour 6.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The holy +0 buckler Yyzzubbaz
This artifact grants see invisible, light radius 3, armour 2.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The +0 leather tunic Treysmashwhiz
This artifact grants light radius 2, armour 4.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The holy +0 splint mail Wangslug
This artifact grants fire resistance, light radius 2, armour 8.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The +0 plate mail Shockzub
This artifact grants fast, armour 8.
Melee: 3[+1] (light)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The +0 plate mail Treebaz
This artifact grants see invisible, armour 8.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)
Inventory Items:
- Holy +0 floppy hat Froodyfroody.
- Holy amulet of reflection named Reflection.
- Holy +2 flaming sword Orcworfrost.
- Holy +0 boots of water walking named Water.
- Holy -1 plain robe.
- Ring of see invisible.
- Holy ring of acid resistance.
- Holy +0 jump boots named Jump.
- 3 Holy amulets of unchanging named Unchanging.
- Holy amulet of life saving.
- Holy +0 staff of bolts named Bolts.
- Holy +3 utility staff named Utility.
- Holy +3 staff of death named REANIMATE.
- 2 Holy +1 daggers.
- 2 Holy +0 silver daggers.
- Holy +2 silver dagger called Gift.
- 2 Holy +0 earth hammers.
- Holy +0 silver spear Orcbaz.
- +0 Long sword Upabrask.
- 4 Holy +0 lightning rapiers (99).
- Holy +0 bow Slugbar.
- +0 Leather cap Relatwang.
- Holy +1 iron helm Omatreyrelat.
- Holy +3 helm of draining named Drain.
- Holy +0 helm of warning named Warning.
- Holy +0 helm of telepathy named Telepathy.
- Holy +0 fur-lined boots.
- Holy +0 iron shoes Braskfroody.
- 2 Holy +0 speed boots named Speed.
- Holy +1 squeaky shoes Treesmash.
- Holy +0 buckler Yyzzubbaz.
- Holy +0 kite shield.
- +0 Leather tunic Treysmashwhiz.
- Holy +3 chainmail called Gift.
- Holy +0 splint mail Wangslug.
- +0 Plate mail Shockzub.
- +0 Plate mail Treebaz.
- Holy ring of invisibility.
- Holy ring of polymorph control.
- Holy ring of regeneration.
- Holy ring of shock resistance named Shock Resist.
- Holy ring of fire resistance named Fire Resist.
- Holy ring of the missing finger named Missing Finger.
- Holy wedding ring.
- 2 Holy rings of searching named Searching.
- 2 Holy scrolls of fire.
- 7 Holy scrolls of teleport.
- 3 Holy scrolls of magic mapping.
- Holy scroll of healing.
- 2 Holy tomes of cold (4).
- Holy tome of force (4).
- Holy tome of acid (2).
- Holy tome of earth (5).
- Holy tome of necromancy (6).
- 5 Holy cure potions.
- 3 Holy mana potions.
- 2 Holy poison potions.
- 9 Bottles of holy water.
- Holy +3 wand of speed (8) called Gift.
- Holy wand of speed (7).
- Holy wand of invisibility (6).
- 2 Wands of ice (6).
- 2 Holy wands of fire (1).
- 2 Holy wands of fire (3).
- 2 Holy wands of digging (4).
- Holy wand of digging (1).
- 2 Holy wands of trapping (9).
- 2 Holy wands of polymorph (1).
- 3 Holy wands of polymorph (0).
- 2 Holy wands of sleep (4).
- Holy wand of slowness (10).
- Holy wand of slowness (6).
- 2 Holy wands of light (5).
- Holy wand of light (6).
- 2 Holy wands of create monster (0).
- 20 Empty bottles.
- Holy glowing y-rune.
- Preserved kobold mage corpse.

also r.i.p. the kobold mage i forgot to revive
eh i'll revive him sooner or later
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