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Jun 3, 2016, 8:46:41 AM6/3/16
First off, I'd like to say that both this and my cleric run had the wizard outfit involve Squeaky Shoes.
The result of this was me not having the benefit of fast MP regeneration while using magic-focused characters since getting yet another god to make potshots at me would be no fun and I like having speed boots.

This run involved a lot of uses of the Entomb spell.
I ended up modifying the majority of the dungeon levels to provide a straight-ish and safe path between the two staircases.

I didn't use the "save scum" command, but I definitely did save-scum.

I think that Wedding Ring of waterwalking/freedom/sleep resistance is one of the best artifacts I've ever gotten.
Belweir supplied me with a Staff of Utility and a Staff of Destruction, both of which were abused to ridiculous levels. Even Knock. Especially Knock.
Copious numbers of boulders were accumulated and spent on murder.

Going pure Wizard means casting ridiculous numbers of spells. Casting that many spells makes Belweir extremely happy.
These two facts made fighting Ghosts a matter of 25-75 MP and a surge of happiness once I learned Flamestrike.
Sunfire didn't see too much use, but it was exceptionally helpful in defeating the Earth Elementals in Quizar's level.
Chain Lightning is absurdly powerful when combined with earth magic (and/or Knock).

I learned Cure Poison early on, but avoided using healing magic aside from that.
Once I got an amulet of poison resistance H'ruth stopped bothering me almost entirely aside from the odd paralysis while burning turns for MP regen.

I learned Resurrect and accumulated leader corpses, but was too lazy to actually do anything further than that.
I also didn't go into Tridude-land since I didn't wanna deal with the Minotaur and Tridude casters would wreck me anyhow.

As per my usual patterns, I accumulated a massive disenchantment on a particular flaming sword.
The hilarious thing is that I could still kill dragons in 1-3 swings with -19 disenchantment. I don't know how someone with 0 relevant skills and no physical dice beyond the first could possibly do that much damage (or be that accurate), but it's definitely a thing.

Character dump:

Windows Version
Name: Whiz
Physical: 15/1 (max 15)
Mental: 251/27 (max 268)
AC: 6
X: 844
Depth: 0
131832 moves over 13h29m19s
Score: 1
x Fast
x Fire resistance
x Poison resistance
x Position fixed
x Warning
x Sleep resistance
x Freedom
x Walk on water
+ Flash
+ Magic Missile
+ Chilling Touch
+ Spark
+ Frost Bolt
* Fire Ball
+ Flame Strike
x Chain Lightning
x Sunfire
x Corrosive Explosion
x Acid Pool
x Disintegrate
+ Heal
+ Cure Poison
+ Major Heal
+ Resurrect
+ Summon Familiar
+ Transfer Knowledge
+ Diagnose
+ Possess
+ Identify
+ Fetch
+ Teleport
+ Teleport with Control
+ Direct Wind
+ Force Bolt
+ Dig
+ Create Pit
+ Sandstorm
+ Grow Forest
+ Animate Forest
+ Down Pour
+ Petrify
+ Stone to Flesh
+ Entomb
+ Evade Traps
Equipped Items:
- -1 Helm of warning on head.
- Holy amulet of poison resistance around neck.
- -19 Flaming sword in right hand.
- Holy +3 staff of destruction in left hand.
- +1 Chainmail Zubwor over body.
- Wedding ring Orcrelat on right finger.
- Ring of fire resistance named fire on left finger.
- -10 Speed boots on feet.
The +1 chainmail Zubwor
This artifact grants light radius 2, armour 6.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The wedding ring Orcrelat
This artifact grants sleep resistance, freedom, walk on water.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 7: +1 (physical)

The +0 spear Slugrelat
This artifact grants invisible, armour 3.
Melee: 1d8 (physical), 1d9+1 (physical)
Thrown 4: 2d7+3[+2] (physical), 1d8+2[+1] (physical)

The holy +3 staff of death Frostamybrask
This artifact grants reflective, confused, see invisible, cast finger of
death, cast raise undead, cast reclaim soul, cast dark ritual, cast
ghastify, cast summon imp, cast cloud kill.
Melee: 2d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The +0 long sword Wangshockshock
This artifact grants fast, telepathic, armour 1.
Melee: 1d2+2 (acid), 1d8 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The +0 helm of draining Slugsmash
This artifact grants fast, magic drained, armour 4.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The +0 wooden shield Slugupa
This artifact grants teleport control, polymorph, armour 2.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The -4 chainmail Baztree
This artifact grants unchanging, armour 1.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)

The smoke potion Smashbar
This artifact grants walk on water.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 4: 1d2 (physical)

The wand of invisibility (2) Smashshockshock
This artifact grants unchanging.
Melee: 1d2 (physical)
Thrown 2: 1d2[-2] (physical)
Inventory Items:
- -1 Helm of warning.
- Holy amulet of poison resistance.
- -19 Flaming sword.
- Holy +3 staff of destruction.
- +1 Chainmail Zubwor.
- Wedding ring Orcrelat.
- Ring of fire resistance named fire.
- -10 Speed boots.
- +3 Utility staff.
- +0 Earth hammer.
- +0 Spear Slugrelat.
- 39 Boulders.
- Amulet of unchanging.
- Amulet of life saving.
- Holy +3 staff of healing.
- Holy +3 staff of death Frostamybrask.
- 12 +0 Spears.
- Evil poisoned +0 silver sword.
- 7 +0 Long swords.
- Holy +1 long sword.
- Holy -1 long sword.
- +0 Long sword Wangshockshock.
- 2 +0 Lightning rapiers (99).
- Holy +0 lightning rapier (99).
- +0 Ice mace.
- 2 Holy +0 torches.
- +0 Torch.
- +1 Torch.
- Holy +0 floppy hat.
- +0 Helm of warning.
- +0 Helm of telepathy.
- +0 Helm of draining Slugsmash.
- Holy +0 fur-lined boots.
- +1 Boots of water walking.
- Holy +0 squeaky shoes.
- Holy +0 jump boots.
- +0 Wooden shield Slugupa.
- +0 Buckler.
- +1 Buckler.
- +3 Kite shield.
- +1 Plain robe.
- -4 Chainmail Baztree.
- Ring of regeneration named regen.
- Ring of acid resistance named acid.
- Ring of see invisible named seeinviz.
- Ring of light.
- Ring of polymorph control.
- Ring of shock resistance named zap.
- Ring of teleport control named telecontrol.
- Holy ring of invisibility named inviz.
- Ring of teleportation named teleport.
- Ring of cold resistance named cold.
- Tome of cold (6).
- Shocking tome (4).
- Smoke potion Smashbar.
- Holy potion of enlightenment.
- Potion of enlightenment.
- 7 Cure potions.
- 3 Potions of blindness.
- Heal potion.
- Heal potion.
- 2 Bottles of greek fire.
- Mana potion.
- 14 Bottles of water.
- 5 Bottles of unholy water.
- Bottle of water called wet.
- 3 Wands of digging (7).
- Holy wand of digging (6).
- Wand of polymorph (9).
- Wand of polymorph (0).
- Wand of polymorph (9).
- Evil wand of polymorph (9).
- Holy +3 wand of ice (1).
- Wand of ice (5).
- Evil wand of ice (9).
- Holy wand of sleep (5).
- Wand of slowness (0).
- Wand of slowness (5).
- Wand of slowness (7).
- Wand of slowness (9).
- Wand of speed (3).
- Holy wand of fire (3).
- Wand of fire (5).
- Wand of fire (8).
- Wand of invisibility (5) named inviz.
- Evil wand of invisibility (2) named inviz.
- Wand of invisibility (2) Smashshockshock.
- Holy wand of teleport (5).
- Evil wand of teleport (8).
- 3 Empty bottles.
- 42 Mounds of flesh.
- Evil Baezl'bub's black heart.


Sep 1, 2017, 10:01:44 AM9/1/17
Nice! I just finished my first XOM only run, so I might try this one out. Alternatively, couldn't you have also quaffed blessed healing potions to beef your max hp? The high-turn counts also reminds me of a run where I wasted a bunch of turns in a 'hamster-wheel' (a donut-shaped corridor that the player can simply use the run command to quickly spend turns) while wearing different outfits in an attempt to appease the divine.
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