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Topi Ylinen

Dec 19, 2006, 12:47:22 AM12/19/06
An advance Christmas present! I wanted to get this out before
Christmas because of the "Cast thy strength" pit bug. As a bonus,
there is now a second playable area, a semi-random dungeon in
Nobion! You can complete the Master Dungeon first, then go to
Nobion and try the new dungeon there. Or you could simply start
the game in Nobion and try the new dungeon first.

Get the new pre-alpha at the usual address,
and be sure send me feedback (bug reports, comments, ideas, etc.)

Without further ado, here's the changelog for the new pre-alpha.
Note that I haven't fixed *all* bugs that have come up so far,
just the more serious ones (plus a couple that were very easy
to fix).

-Added randomly generated secret doors ('s'earch or cast
Detect Secrets to spot them). Also, fixed an amusing bug
caused by this feature (see "The Crushing Doors of Death" in
-Added some random traps. Most affect the party only, but
the teleport traps affects friend and foe alike. You could
make some clever use of this trap by luring a dangerous
monster into it - or it could be created near a monster pack
or a monster generator, sending monsters all over the level.
To disarm a trap, (all together now) use CTRL+dir. Of
course, you need a reasonable score in the Locks & Traps
skill to succeed. If none of your characters have it, you'll
have to resort to plan B... commonly known as "CHARGE!!!"
-Added an experimental semi-random dungeon to the northeast
of Mygdale (Nobion). Walk around a little and you'll find
it. It is a themed dungeon with a few of preset maps and
lots of random maps.
-Fixed a serious design flaw in the Master Dungeon. If you
fell down on level 2 (at "Cast thy strength...") to level 3
(before opening certain doors first), you could never get
back up to level 2. While this had no immediately apparent
impeding gameplay effect (you could just carry on from there
and delve even deeper), this would cause you to miss a
critical object without which you would ultimately be unable
to complete the dungeon.
-You can no longer get permanently caught between the two
grates in the "Put it back" puzzle in the Master Dungeon
even if you do something wrong (note that this change will
only be effective for parties that haven't visited the map
-Fixed a missing terrain on Master Dungeon level 2.
-Weapon 2-handedness check is now enforced. You cannot wield
two-handed weapons while wearing a shield or wielding an
offhand weapon anymore.
-Dead, unconscious, sleeping (etc.) characters can now be
moved around in the formation. Even though you cannot
directly select them, you can move another character into
their squares, causing them to swap squares. Only Rooted
characters cannot be moved around in the formation - they
are, as the ailment implies, literally *rooted* to the spot.
-Fixed the info line flush after answering 'n' to "Really
load a saved game?"
-New spell: Call Monsters (can learned by magelike casters
and 'nature' casters like druids; like Summon Monsters but
'calls' monsters whose type is appropriate for the current
-Implemented Acid Splash
-Detection spells now correctly clear the screen.
-Mass Heal now correctly affects all allied creatures in the
-The Stasis spell now correctly can affect creatures that
are immune to normal paralysis. The spell was originally
intended to function like this but it didn't.
-Lightning Bolt always beams now.
-Spell skill training is a bit more frequent now.
-Fixed a bug that made class-specific spell scrolls
incorrectly usable by high-numbered classes.
-The screen should be better updated now if your party gets
'Push'ed around.
-Domination skills (Beast Mastery, Undead Mastery, Daemon
Mastery, Spirit Mastery) can no longer be 'telepathically'
used against creatures that are outside your actual LoS.
-Before casting projectible spells (Fireballs and such),
monsters will now check if the trajectory can actually reach
the intended target, and if not, they will try something
else instead.
-Brighter colour for character names on the main screen.
-Scholars should now properly be able to use/study any spell
scroll if they have the required Realms (and character
level); as a side effect they should also now be able to use
Mage Robes. Note that these fixes do not apply to items that
were originally created in a previous version.
-Selling multiple items no longer asks twice for the amount.
-Shopkeepers will hopefully no longer buy unidentified but
pseudoidentified cursed items.
-Fixed the prompt & key assignments in shops. Now use x/X to
e'x'amine store merchandise, and I/? to inspect items in
your own inventory.
-Fixed a bug that was causing monster stats to wrap over
when magically enhanced/handicapped. No more "slowed"
Granite Golems with speed 65536!
-Incidentally, Granite Golems are no longer susceptible to
slowing attacks at all.
-Golden Widow Spiders no longer have "arms".
-Hid a misleading material component list (it was for
testing purposes only so far)
-Slottable Gems are no longer "usable". To insert gems into
slots, use the Smithery skill (once that skill and slotted
items get impelemented first...)
-Made the packaging script create some additional
'Delete.Me' files to ensure that the directory structure
gets unzipped correctly. Apparently some unzipping tools
will not (by default) unzip empty directories. You can
remove these files after unzipping.
-Modified the license.txt allow this, and also to allow
manual manipulation of the 'data\files' folder (your message
dumps go there, and your party dumps -- once they are
implemented -- will also go there).
-Various minor enhancements and fixes.
-Fixed the stage/list references in docs\todo.txt
-Integrated the separate changes.txt into todo.txt

The official PBR site:

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