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7DRL: Ron Paul Revolution

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James Meickle

Mar 7, 2010, 8:38:13 PM3/7/10
--THE YEAR IS 2012--

America's economy has collapsed. Necessities are hard to come by;
luxuries, impossible. The last few honest Americans eke out what
living they can by clinging to their guns and religion. Their rural
homesteads are molested by motorcycle gangs of homofascist leathermen
with increasing frequency. Meanwhile, those who still cower within the
urban ruins lose a little more ground each day to cannibalistic mutant
tribes. Worse still are the fates of those conquered by the United
Nations Provisional Government and their army of summoned devils...

Yet even in this dark world, there is still a light that gleams with
A light that gleams with justice...
A light that gleams... gold!

"In early 1933, as part of the New Deal, the U.S. Congress enacted a
package of laws which removed gold from circulation as money, and
which made private ownership of gold in the U.S. (except for coins in
collections or jewelry such as wedding rings) illegal. All gold in
circulation was seized by the government in exchange for dollars at
the fixed rate of $20.67 per ounce."

A return to the gold standard is the only thing that can save America,
but it has been years since citizens were allowed to exercise their
natural right to possess it. It is in this time of turmoil that
Americans will finally take a stand and set America on a different
course. As soon as consensus was reached through a series of town hall
meetings, new orders were radioed to the mighty airship, the U.S.A.
Constitution - full speed ahead to Fort Knox!

"The Depository is protected by numerous layers of physical security,
alarms, video cameras, armed guards, and the Army units based at Fort
Knox, including Apache helicopter gunships of 8/229 Aviation based at
Godman Army Airfield, the 16th Cavalry Regiment, training battalions
of the United States Army Armor School, and the 3rd Brigade Combat
Team of the 1st Infantry Division, totaling over 30,000 soldiers, with
associated tanks, armored personnel carriers, attack helicopters, and

Only one man is strong enough to face the massed forces of darkness.

Only one man has a power level great enough to take on armies

Only one man has psychic powers strong enough to resist the suppressor

Only one man has a heart of gold powered by an integrated nuclear
fusion reactor.

This is the tale of that one man's quest, as noble as the metal that
inspired it, to retrieve the single largest store of gold bullion in
the world before the United Nations can seize it. This is the tale of
Ron Paul!

(this is my first 7DRL, looking forward to it!)


Mar 7, 2010, 8:58:06 PM3/7/10

Awesome idea and story!

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