7drl attempt: Planets of Elderlore

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Mar 8, 2009, 1:59:33 PM3/8/09
Hello everyone,

My free time is very short right now, but I'll try to code a 7DRL
during those 7 days related to simulating planets in roguelikes.
Fortunately I'll use the code in Lands of Elderlore, and since I'll
use python libtcod, I hope I'll learn about it. I should also use
Numpy to deal with arrays.

In order to render planets in Lands of Elderlore, I used to have 2D
arrays with up and down connected, and left and right connected. But
the result is not a sphere, but rather a donut. Managing random
monsters wandering on a giant donut is an interesting concept, but not
exactly my first will...

So the idea here is to simulate the true surface of a planet (a 3D
sphere) with 2D arrays: left and right being connected, and with a
north pole and a south pole. I'll add basic fights, character
management and advancement to transform it into a real short roguelike
if I have enough time.


Mar 20, 2009, 5:08:04 PM3/20/09

*enters nitpicking mode*
Not really a donut either. With a donut the circumference on the
inside would be smaller than on the outside. when you connect east and
west and north and south it isnt :)
*exit nitpicking mode*

But its a very interesting topic! the main problem lies of course here
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Map_projection and more specifically here
therefore a kudos from me for an ambitious problem and outside the box
thinking! the only thing i can think of would be to represent the
world with several maps and have less and less maps the nearer you get
to a pole. I am very curious what ideas you came up with.

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