7drl attempt - old school roguelike

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Vlad Dumitru

Mar 6, 2010, 4:37:19 AM3/6/10
I see roguelikes getting technically better and better everyday. But I
can't see an old school roguelike where all that matters is the
adventure itself. So this is what I'll be doing - a roguelike with
monochrome display that'll sure remind everybody of the '80s.
Time now is 11:36 GMT+2.

Vlad Dumitru

Mar 11, 2010, 2:04:39 PM3/11/10
Vlad Dumitru a scris:

Okay, time to post the progress I've made.
By now I have the basic game, and also a story. The (final, I hope)
title is _The_Dungeons_of_Craci_. In the game, you play the ordinary
peasant diving into the local dungeon, from where Craci and his evil
minions bring terror upon the village. Craci and his minions are
supposed to terrify people by saluting them by night, when not expecting.

I sure hope I can finish the game. All that is left to do is
implementing the story, and adding more variation (monsters, treasures
etc. )

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