7DRL Success: Alamut

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Mar 13, 2011, 8:14:51 AM3/13/11
After 7 days of creating the project finally I managed to put five
quests and
few places. Also finished adding one special ability usage…
Main task is to find the way to the old city. That way could be known
after finishing five quests.
Windows binary and source code: http://commodore64.republika.pl/alamut01.zip

As I mentioned before I used previously created code of our project
(mine and freekE from
polish site of ADoM). This time I added few new places, finished old
quests and added one final quest.
Added few monsters and items, fixed several bugs and... published ;).
Hope You enjoy this game.

Congratulations for all which managed to finish their projects and for
all which just tried but were fighting till the end ;).

Konstantin Stupnik

Mar 13, 2011, 10:35:37 AM3/13/11

Site shows lock with question mark on it, and something is written in
Probably this is some kind of 404 error.
I don't see how can I download binary.

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Mar 13, 2011, 12:06:00 PM3/13/11
On 13 Mar, 15:35, Konstantin Stupnik <konstantin.stup...@gmail.com>

Don't know why it doesn't works sometimes, try this links:



Mar 20, 2011, 3:47:49 PM3/20/11
And I just wanted to say something about this 7DRL challange.
Things I've learned are:
- time is running out, so you have to do as much as you can every
single day. Probably
if it would be not 7 days but 30 days many people could give up saying
"I will do it tomorrow, there is much time". 7 days period is optimal
to check your potential to skills ratio. You are doing as much as you
can everyday.
- I thought before the challange that it would be better to start on
Monday finishing on Sunday because in last days
I could feel deadline and then my speed will rise up. But now I think
it doesn't matter - because every day is important
in 7 days period time. You could do a break for one day maybe two, but
from first till last day you have to think
and to do something creative with your job. I were feeling the
deadline all 7 days ;).
- It is good to share some screenshots and some thoughts from creating
progress. When you see your own
already done work in public, probably you could be more critic to this
work, maybe thanks to this it is easier
to fix or change some ideas (eg. main view of a game). And ofcourse
comments are helpful there too.

Little upgraded version is the addres: http://commodore64.republika.pl/alamut.zip
Now it is a little easier to defeat enemies coz of now-working ability
To find black widow Chardashka you have to talk to female civilians.
Ability "life" makes your HP restoring faster;
Ability "assassin" increases your chance in using mechanical claw. One
of that claws you can obtain after killing one nasty woman. Use it
wisely ;).

Congratulations to everyone who finished their projects in time or a
little later. And everyone who just tried but did something creative.
Thanks to all players too and for their comments and posts.

Best regards,

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