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7DRL Failure: Lakhnauti

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Joshua Day

Mar 19, 2012, 3:14:09 AM3/19/12
It breaks my heart to say it, it really does, but Lakhnauti's not quite
a game yet. It could have been -- it has all the working pieces -- but
I sank too much time hunting down unimportant bugs and didn't complete
my level generation and mobs.

Implemented features include fire, colored fov, multi-character play
(with command queues), multiple dungeon levels, and a flexible entity
engine for maps. If I'd made the right decision six hours ago, I could
have focused on the core one-player game and made a nice bit of tourism
to show off all the shininess, but I didn't. Until literally forty
minutes ago I thought I could pull something off.

I'll be out of town for a few days. After that, I hope to finish it
with another day's work and make it an out-of-challenge, disjointed
7DRL. (I started more than a full day after announcing my entrance, but
that changes nothing -- Lakhnauti is a 7DRLC failure.)

Congratulations to all the victors! You've done great. This is an
incredible challenge, and there's nothing quite like it for the raw
incentive. I know I've put at least two full-time work-weeks into this
game already, and I know it's not terribly different for a lot of you.

Joshua Day
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