7DRL Semi-Failure: Glyph

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James Meickle

Mar 15, 2011, 3:21:27 PM3/15/11
Glyph wasn't a full failure because I do have a functioning world with
a @ that moves around, can equip items, attack, and what have you. I
certainly could've released a simple one or two level roguelike where
you can 'win' if I'd spent a few hours polishing in that direction.

However, it definitely didn't live up to my vision. I spent a lot of
time on the UI and generalizing the code, so I didn't end up having
the time to have any deep gameplay - no FOV, no magic system, etc. and
that was the whole point of the game.

I'm not really sad though, because I do plan to work on this in the
future. I am thinking that I will make it into an engine for light,
"one-off" roguelikes that make heavy use of scripted events or hand-
crafted layouts, and I think I have a pretty good starting point for
that. I might actually try making a GUI level editor for such.

Further development of Glyph will take place on Github:

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