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I'm on the 7DRL challenge!

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Martinho Fernandes

Mar 9, 2012, 7:23:32 PM3/9/12
> The 2012 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge is almost upon us!

> Sharpen your compilers and dust off your text editors, for as of March
> 10th it shall be time to start work on your roguelike!

> As usual, you may start any time on Saturday or Sunday so long as you
> stop 168 hours later. (And, yes, you must stop in the same timezone
> you start - so don't forget to not adjust for daylight savings!)

> You are also expected and encouraged to reuse existing code and
> assets. This is not a typing challenge!
> --
> Jeff Lait

It's a few minutes after midnight and I'm starting work on my seven
day roguelike. I came across 7DRL about three hours ago, so I don't
have much planned yet, but I'll make it up as I go. Let's see how this
turns out.
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