7DRL Success - Ruins of Kal Raman

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Mar 17, 2012, 6:45:59 PM3/17/12
It ended up pretty different to what I had in mind one week ago, but
it is playable and winnable so all is weel that ends well...

Well here it is, in all its buggy glory:

Some highlights:
* real time gameplay with space-to-pause
* trait based advancement and three different classes with different
trait trees
* special traits also works as skills to be used during combat
* room base dungeon exploration
* different dungeon themes (ruins, caves, dungeons)
* fully browser based with graphics and music
* loot dungeons to get points and look good with friends
* ludicrously unbalanced monsters :D

Cheers to every challangers. I hope you had a great week regardless of
your results!

Now: SLEEP! -____-
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