7DRL Whitebox: Failure!

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Mar 14, 2010, 6:16:00 AM3/14/10
So, yeah, i got to the point where I could walk around a generated
dungeon populated with treasures and monsters and you could attack and
harm them, but my schedule this week was a bit taxing, i could work on
it just 3 evenings...

So i missed:
1: classes
2: spells/skills
2: equipment
3: traps & ways to avoid them
4: actually putting an exit from the dungeon, so you can convert those
monies you found into experience.
and, most important,
5: that my 7DRL scope was too big ;)

A big logjammer was getting unbuffered kbd input from Java. After
three hours on it i realized JLine doesn't interface with Eclipse.
running the project outside of the ide worked fine. I plan to put this
in the wiki.
Something that worked well was using TDD, building by composition and
plenty of reification: this three things together saved a lot of
Something that left me a bit puzzled is the best way to handle rooms/
tiles/spaces. Will look more into it. When i described the problem to
my colleagues they told me "that sounds like a nice design exercise".
Would like to hear your opinion on how to objectify the room structure

Anyhoo, farewell everybody, it's been nice :)

Michael Dürwald

Mar 14, 2010, 7:06:44 AM3/14/10

Any chance to take a peek at the code?


Mar 14, 2010, 6:19:51 PM3/14/10
On Mar 14, 12:06 pm, Michael Dürwald <uschkinredsunsh...@gmx.de>

I guess yes, but I'm a bit ashamed about how I handled some things. ;)
Anything specific you are looking for?
bai :3

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