Another first 7DRL attempt, I guess...

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Mar 6, 2010, 9:27:05 AM3/6/10
As is obviuos from the newsgroup and title, I, too, shall be trying to
make something this week.

My idea was inspired by some game for the mac that deleted files as
you played.
The point was, I thought it was a terrible idea, but it got me
The idea that came from that was a roguelike where the most
powerful(chaos) magic would alter a copy the tileset that is contained
within the save file, rather than any permanent damage to files.

I am excited at the chance to have a reason to make it, and if I make
any progress at all, I will write an entry for

I will be reusing oldish code for graphics and a partially complete
code page 437 based tileset.


Mar 6, 2010, 3:00:24 PM3/6/10
I don't feel like waiting to see if the NNTP server I was using
propagates my message, so I'll just wade through the spam on Google
Groups instead.

The chaos magic will alter the tileset itself? In what way?


Mar 10, 2010, 1:35:29 PM3/10/10

Well, I was thinking that each spell(and maybe weapon effects?) has a
certain number of chaos points, and when it is used, it flips that
many bits in the RGBA of the tileset.

Recent idea developments would have *3* levels of effect, the first
only affecting the base graphical tileset, the second also affecting a
copy used for text(so that it would remain generally uncorrupted at
first), and the third level would go so far as to physically alter the
image file itself, affecting even other saves that way.

Another musing is that dead players stick around as a rare encounter,
and when you meet them, their alterations will temporarily(until level
change) be added to your own. It would be accomplished through XOR, so
savescummers would have the curious effect of *negation* of most of
the chaos. Although I could have it compare the sets so that it could
detect such a person...

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