7DRL Failure : Gourmancer

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Mar 12, 2011, 11:38:12 AM3/12/11
So close! I had the game working almost perfectly by the end of day 4,
then day 5 was a pretty bad day for me and by day 6 I really didn't have
any motivation left.

It's technically playable as a Roguelike, but it lacks the gimmicks of
cooking food or buying abilities and there are a couple features I'd
like to have that I couldn't finish, but are supported by the engine
(most sadly polymorph, it's the first time I ever got that to work).

This morning, before leaving, I fixed a bug in the display and made the
character able to level up a bit so it's not unwinnable. I've uploaded
the game for anyone who wishes to try it, but it's kinda boring. :/



What I've learned :
-> Do everything you can in the first few days, just in case.
-> Don't try to write stuff from scratch. If you have the code for
something lying around, use it!
-> Don't lose motivation.

What I'd do different :
-> Reuse more code.
-> Comment. (the source is seriously unreadable)
-> Use more dictionaries, they're amazing but I only used them once. :/
-> Finish the game. :P

Maybe next year.

Congratulations to everyone that finished and good job everyone. :)

(hopefully I'm posting this correctly)

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