RogueBand Hero: It Lives.

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Mar 13, 2010, 3:59:01 AM3/13/10
It works! Who would have ever guessed it. It's not pretty under the
hood, but it works (mostly) just fine. The 'official' page is:

But I'm having a few problems loading OGG files so I went with the raw
WAVs to get it out the door. This has bumped the size up over
Google's 20 MB limit (about 26 MB) so I've got it hosted here:

Until I fix the OGG reading or find better hosting. Neither of which
are happening until the morning as it's been a week of long nights
getting it this far. If you want to play the game you will need:
Python 2.6 <>
libtcod-1.5.0 <>
PyGame <>
Nerves of Iron.

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