7DRL Failure: what I'm working on

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Gabriel Arthur Petrie (eyenot)

Mar 12, 2011, 1:52:18 PM3/12/11
Well, there are several reasons why I failed this year.

1. I started from next-to-scratch (I gutted everything from Kobold Mine
except the control key catcher and the routines for outputting to the
screen) and I'm building a fairly capable, modular, and scalable engine
for all my future RL projects.

2. I'm sticking to a very oldschool aesthetic for this game, based on
old adventure games involving a lot of booleans, where stuff like
Holding_A_Carrot==TRUE and
If(Meeting_Evil_Goat&&Holding_A_Carrot)Goat_Busy_With_Carrot==TRUE tend
to happen. Not that I'm using that approach for the engine, but I
started off with a very simplistic inventory based on events the player
has to go through. Now I'm regretting that just a little bit, because
it's hindering the performance of my engine to accommodate this boolean
inventory. But I'm plugging ahead, anyway -- and it took me a couple of
hours just to build the inventory display and a routine for selecting
something from inventory (which at this point in time isn't displaying
the selector properly). I'll be able to build a proper inventory scheme
later on.

3. Just really didn't have the time, had to sacrifice a lot of available
coding time for other things. I have a lot to do this weekend. I'm about
to sacrifice more to go hiking (we earn staff medallions that are only
available if you attend a specific day -- it can't be missed) and
tomorrow I have to do laundry and drafting for school. If I had some way
of staying up tonight and coding, I could finish it for sure, but oh well.

The good news is that I'll finish it fairly soon, and that not trying to
constrain myself to the 7DRL will allow me time to polish it and
playtest it. I'm still occasionally having neat ideas for it and I'd
prefer to have time to put them in.

The code will be available when the game is finished.

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