7DRL Fail!

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Mar 12, 2011, 2:01:53 AM3/12/11
TL;DR: Learned a lot, but didn't finish my game. It's been fun!
Looking forward to playing everyone else's submissions!
The only thing working is random map generation and fov.

Used the awesome libtcodpy library (version 1.5.1)

Used code and guidance from the fantastic "Complete Roguelike
Tutorial, using python+libtcod"

Software used:
Python 2.7.1
Eclipse SDK 3.6.2.M20110210-1200 org.eclipse.sdk.ide
PyDev for Eclipse

If for some weird reason you want to look at my code, here's it is:
Ugh, what to say. I have a tendency to make projects more complicated
than they need to be, and this is another example.

I'm not really a programmer, but I thought making a 7DRL would be a
fun way to learn Python. Well, I learned a lot about Python, but I
didn't finish my game.

Saturday - Set up Eclipse and PyDev for Python development. Started
following "Complete Roguelike Tutorial, using Python+libtcod"
Sunday - took family out of town, sketched some ideas in a notebook
when I could
Monday - Continued following roguelike tutorial, but changed things
that I thought should be done a different way. Implemented map
generator from libtcodpy sample instead of one from tutorial
Tuesday - Got FOV working, then completely broke all my code. I
decided the code was getting long and thought I'd organize it into
separate files. Read up on modules, but didn't understand yet about
OOP and the difference between Python variables (objects) and
variables in other languages (containers). Split code up into a bunch
of modules, and nothing worked.
Wed - spent day trying to figure out why all my code broke, asking
questions and reading stackoverflow.com
Thu - Finally got the concepts I needed squared away. Realised I
needed to rewrite everything.
Fri - Game now consists of a random map generator, fov, and nothing
else. no monsters, no items, no nothing. Decide to mess with the map
generator to add custom room types. :P

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