7DRL Success World Wrestling Roguelike

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Michael Curran

Mar 15, 2010, 2:04:27 AM3/15/10
Here's the link


Will move to Google code later.

Now is time to sleep.

Michael Curran

Mar 15, 2010, 10:25:11 AM3/15/10

Okay, basic run down.

You choose one of 5 wrestlers to control and another as the opponent.
Up and down arrows to choose, ENTER to select.

The basic information is displayed on the selection screen, you can
press "q" on any wrestler to get more information.

On the information screen left and right arrows change the tab, and up
and down arrows move within the menu. SPACE to return to selection

Once the match begins, the center part of the screen displays the
ring, the right the wrestlers, their condition and their facings.
Initially, both will be facing right, the opponent should be left, but
oops, typo on my end, no real harm done.

Basic Controls:
arrow keys: Move
5 then a direction: Start Runnning
5 while running, or direction opposite facing: Stop Running
0: Wait
w: change position up or climb up
x: change position down or climb down
a, s, d, or f: Open maneuver menu

Maneuver menus are context sensitive and if a number isn't displayed,
the move isn't available due to incorrect stance, etc.
The AI is aggressively brutish, if it gets an advantage, it will beat
you to a bloody pulp without slowing down.
If an attack does enough damage it will disrupt the target's attack or
move, the message can be a bit ambiguous if the target acts first, but
display bugs weren't at the top of my list to fix.
Certain moves require setups, in order for Razor to Body Slam, he must
first Scoop the opponent.

Strength is the most important trait at the moment, so try a higher
strength wrestler like The Mangler first, and then try using Razor or
El Honcho for more of a challenge.

There was plenty more that I was thinking about adding to this game,
but I think it came together pretty well. It needs balancing, but it
is best played with a Punch Out mindset. My biggest regrets are
failing to add enough moves to give all the wrestlers unique move
lists (adding a single move can that 20 minutes, and I just didn't
have the time), and not getting the chatter box on the left side of
the screen generating typical content.

So, I welcome any feedback, I'll take what I get and release a 1.0
version at some point, and maybe continue it as a project if there
seems to be interest.

Michael Curran

Mar 15, 2010, 4:01:34 PM3/15/10

Also, the game is now available from a more permanent location:


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