7DRL Entry: Smash Arena

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Ed Kolis

Mar 6, 2010, 10:19:22 AM3/6/10

OK, it's that time again, and WOW, looks like we've got a lot of entries
already! :) Well, here goes with mine... SMASH ARENA!!!

The concept is basically you have an arena which you fight in and try to
knock all your opponents out of it by racking up their damage meters
with regular attacks, then hitting them with a powerful attack to send
them flying through the arena wall! Sorta like Super Smash Bros, you
know? ;)

Between rounds in the arena you'll get healed and have the opportunity
to buy and enchant weapons and armor, as well as level up your
character, by spending the gold you earn by fighting... then on to the
next round, where you'll face even tougher monsters!

FYI, last month I came up with an outline for this project, including
what the enemies and items are going to be, along with their stats - but
that's subject to change after some playtesting once I get this thing
working! :D

Ed Kolis

Mar 6, 2010, 7:46:12 PM3/6/10
Day one... I have implemented the following features:

- A menu system.
- An @ which can walk around the arena.
- Some letters which chase the @.
- The ability to examine a monster or empty tile.

Next up... maybe some combat or something! :)

Ed Kolis

Mar 7, 2010, 7:51:32 PM3/7/10
Day two... got some basic combat going, with knockback effects!

However the game's quite difficult at the moment, so probably the next
feature I'll add is the ability for the player to buy and equip some
weapons and armor!

Ed Kolis

Mar 9, 2010, 5:44:57 PM3/9/10
Day four... no, I'm not dead, I just didn't have any motivation
yesterday :(

OK, I've got some basic equipment for the player to buy and equip... now
the first arena level is actually beatable! :D

Which revealed a bug in my code... apparently since I foolishly had some
of the game logic in the paint function, as soon as I beat the first
level, the game immediately got stuck in an endless loop of every time
the screen redraws, it adds one to the player's current arena level,
causing him to immediately win the game with a score that increases very
rapidly! :P

I should probably also simplify the buy/equip interface... too many
keypresses! Maybe I should add a "equip now" option when you buy
equipment, much as many console RPG's do... Or maybe I'm just frustrated
from all this constant testing :P

Ed Kolis

Mar 10, 2010, 11:42:35 AM3/10/10
FYI, I just now posted a Smash Arena page on my website, where the game
will be downloadable come Saturday, in whatever state it's in!


Unfortunately my web host is having issues at the moment, so it's
inaccessible... hopefully it will be up by saturday!

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