7DRL Attempt: Simulacrum

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Paranoid Death Fantasy

Mar 6, 2010, 8:15:06 AM3/6/10
OK, this is my first 7DRL. I've coded roguelikes for various contests
before, and this isn't the first time I am working with short time
limit (I produced a small roguelike for Ludum Dare once, named Eternal
Seeker). Currently, the game is titled "Simulacrum". The game will be
tile-based and I will try to make sure it fits modern indie
development standards. There is my current design document:

Name: Simulacrum

Genre: Turn-based roguelike
Setting: Post Apocalyptic - Roman Empire inspired
Resolution: 640*480 + Full Screen support
Grid resolution: 16*16 or 24*24
Map style: Floor based, may contain a small world map screen
Lighting: Dynamic light sources and shadow casters.
Music/Sound: Yes
Player races: Human
Classes: Your usual large class selection
Skills (which act as stats): Power, Dodge, Block, Hit, Critical,
Defense, Faith
Magic: Varying effectiveness depending on the Faith of target. Mainly
consists of debuffs and support spells.
Deities: Important only if you have high Faith. It will be hard to
keep good relations with Good Gods.
Randomness: There won't be many enemies who can instantly kill you.

I've also designed item statistics and bonuses, but I don't think they
will be of interest to you. For now, at least.

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