7DRL entry: Dungeons of Disease

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Mar 10, 2012, 11:56:46 AM3/10/12
(name probably not final)

I hope this idea hasn't been used before. The dungeon of the game is
full of mutated monsters; the deeper you go, the worse the mutations
will be. The monsters can inflict them on you. Very few will be
beneficial, most will weaken you a little, some will be really
dangerous. There will be some gear that can protect you (gas mask,
vaccine etc) but they will be rare and possibly have some downsides too
(like vaccines only last for a limited time).

I started at Saturday, March 10 0:00 Finland time (UTC+2).

Feel free to follow me on Twitter (@Lunaritian), I'll probably tweet
about my progress every once in a while.

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