[T-Engine] ]T-Engine/ToME/ODE 3.0.0alpha6 aka "Evil comes back from holiday" released

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Dark God

Sep 24, 2006, 4:54:08 PM9/24/06
The next version of the T-Engine is now at http://t-o-m-e.net/

A complete new customizable AI system, path-finding for who wants it, bugfixes,
monster mana, corruptions...

This release might be a bit rushed, but I wanted to get the AI system out
so that module makers can try/test/break it. Warned you have been :)

*NOTE*: The ToME module is less playable than ever due to lots of
unassigned AIs.
*NOTE2*: Module makers really want to take a look at ToME's monster_regen()
function in scripts/monsters.lua if they want monsters to regenerate.

T.o.M.E 3.0.0alpha6 aka "Evil comes back from holiday" incomplete
changes list:

Interface changes:
- Objects extending equipment slots can not be removed until the said slots are freed
- Removed pet interface from the core.

Monster changes:
- Monster AI revamped! People can now write their own AIs and have monsters use them.
AIs can be combined, parameterized, switched on the fly and so on!
- Changed the way monsters are kept internally. Should not change anything for
module authors. Except this allows monster indexes(m_idx) to never change
which means one can now store them and use them latter(like in a AI)
- Changed monster regeneration. Modules may now define a monster_regen(m_idx, monst)
function to define how monsters will regen life(and other things), by default they
will not regen or recover from poison/wounds/whatever.

Player changes:
- Abilities can now be hidden from the ability screen(this is saved in the savefile)
ability(AB_FOO).hidden = true
- Melee resistances now add up directly(magic resistances did not change), obviously this
is module specific.
- Basic implementation of dual wielding
- Weapons to_d and to_h are not added up to the player to_d/to_h(they are added by
the combat subsystems)
- Removed hit dice bonus for classes, instead the Combat skill acts as an HP bonus
- Corruptions are now an independent subsystem, load it with
load_subsystem("corruption") It also has been namespaced so that every
function starts with corruption. (check engine/subsystems/corruption.lua)

Misc changes:
- Added the engine error logger to the cvs, no more need to add it manually
- Force the engine to never use raw files, should help module devs.
If the game starts to slowly for you, just comment the line in tome.cfg
(I should remove that anyway when 3.0.0 is out of alpha/beta)

Dungeon changes:
- Removed the borders & corners copy in the wilderness generator. Seriously who really
likes that ? If you do please cry about it I'll add it back as an option

Bug fixes:
- Ended galadriel shopping spree
- Others :)

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