7DRL Success: Geiger A.D. '42

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Ralph Versteegen

Mar 13, 2011, 8:34:46 PM3/13/11
Long after civilisation stopped counting the years, life began to
repopulate the barren wastes.

Nigel McBride and I have (nearly) finished our 7DRL based upon Omega
World. Only a few hours of coding worth of the original design is
missing, so I'm choosing to call it a success rather than make it a
8DRL, even though there's no victory condition, and map gen is just
random. But because it's so close, we're planning on actually
finishing the game later.

Commenced at 13:14GMT Monday (secret unannounced extra 14 minutes!),
and completed 168 hours later. Time since then has been lazily spent
trying to package the game for Windows using py2exe. Horrible errors!
I finally gave up on fixing the bizarre random audio glitches and
crashes. SDL_mixer (pygame.mixer) is total awful.

(Requires Python, Pygame, SDL_Mixer; 8MB)

(For Windows, no dependencies; 14MB. Py2exe causes lots of audio
glitches which aren't there normally)

(I know someone complained about Dropbox. The game will eventually be
hosted elsewhere.)

Ralph Versteegen

Darren Grey

Mar 22, 2011, 7:27:03 PM3/22/11

Python won't run for me, and on the Windows .exe version I get an
error about "SDL.dll not found" and the following error log:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "main.py", line 974, in <module>
app = App()
File "main.py", line 592, in __init__
self.player = makeplayer(char_gen_menu())
File "main.py", line 253, in char_gen_menu
pygame.mixer.music.load("Forever Alone.mp3")
pygame.error: Failed loading smpeg.dll: The specified module could not
be found.

Any clues to how to get this working?

Darren Grey

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