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Release of NetHack 3.6.7

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NetHack devteam

Feb 19, 2023, 7:55:49 PM2/19/23
The NetHack DevTeam announced the release of NetHack 3.6.7 on February
16, 2023

NetHack 3.6.7 is the official release of NetHack that follows NetHack 3.6.6.

This release primarily corrects a security issue present in NetHack
versions 3.6.2, 3.6.3, 3.6.4, 3.6.5, and 3.6.6. For details about the
security issues please see You are
encouraged to update to NetHack 3.6.7 as soon as possible.

Here's a brief synopsis of the handful of bug fixes included in NetHack

o invalid status highlight color could be maliciously used to corrupt
o formatting corpse names used internal buffers differently from
formatting other objects and could potentially clobber memory
o during engraving, spaces were counted instead of non-space
(cherry-pick of 4e0a1e04 from NetHack-3.7)
o avoid potential buffer overflow in append_str() resolve missing
dependency in NetHack.sln
o code in include/tradstdc.h was trying to suppress warn_unused result
by defining warn_unused_result to an empty string and that began
causing a build error within a system-supplied header file cdefs.h
when using Ubuntu Impish 21.10; disable that for any Linux and macOS
gcc unless GCC_URWARN is defined to force it back into effect
o update_inventory() after leash goes slack
o player assigned name for monsters, specific objects, or object types
could be longer than what was intented to be allowed; for 'curses',
much longer
o Windows: added winflexbison to travis-ci configuration to permit full
build of levcomp and dgncomp
o Windows: a bad chdir specified in win/win32/dgnstuff.mak caused full
build to abort
o Windows: the console.rc file had outdated information stating 3.6.3
when the official 3.6.6 binary had been built.
o Windows: switch from using keyhandling dll's to incorporating the
three variations (default, ray, 340) in sys/winnt/nttty.c
o curses: cherry-picked selectsaved code from 3.7 for menu of save files
o NetHackW: fix delayed rendering of cursor when using farlook

All of the fixes have been published on the public Git repository for
the game. A more complete list can be found in the game's sources in
doc/fixes36.7. As usual, a warning that some entries in that file may
also be "spoilers".

Existing saved games and bones files from 3.6.0 through to 3.6.6 should
work with 3.6.7, assuming that the same build configuration options were
used with the same compiler.

Checksums (sha256) of binaries that you have downloaded from
can be verified on Windows platforms using:
certUtil -hashfile SHA256

The following command can be used on most platforms to help confirm the
location of various files that NetHack may use:
nethack --showpaths

As with all releases of the game, we appreciate your feedback. Please
submit any bugs using the problem report form. Also, please check the
"known bugs" list before you log a problem - somebody else may have
already found it.

Happy NetHacking!
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