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Mar 16, 2008, 8:13:34 PM3/16/08
Heya all, sinoth and buub0nik here announcing the completion of chrysalis.
A zip containing a win32, linux, and linux64 binary as well as source:

This is our first time coding a roguelike, and the first time entering a
timed coding competition. We started off strong, getting the world
generation and basic world navigation done the first two days. Our jobs
kept us from making a ton of progress during the week, but we still
marched forward. The most progress came the night of the 15th, as we
were actually able to work in the same room (we live in different
cities). A 30 hour coding marathon ensued, and we are proud to have a
decently working game to share with you all.

There are still a few pretty bad bugs, but the game is generally
playable. You can spawn in the middle of the ocean and not be able to do
anything... if that happens just restart.

The goal is to destroy the 10 bases scattered all over the world. You do
so by killing the base power core 'B' that is somewhere inside each
base. You can press 'r' to turn on base radar that points you to where
the remaining bases are.

The advancement system is based on getting 'evo points' to spend on
different parts of your body. The three main parts are LIMBS, EXTERNAL,
and INTERNAL. The subcategories of these areas are legs, arms, mind,
organs, carapace, and 'extra'. Some experimentation will show how these
interact with eachother, and unlock skills. The skills menu is accessed
with the 's' key.

The level system is a little odd.. you accrue XP, and then enter cocoon
mode with 'C' to process the XP. Keep in mind it takes a while to
process, so be in a safe spot. Once you get at least 100 processed XP,
this is converted into an 'evo point' that you must immediately spend.
It should be noted that you can still go into cocoon mode without 100 XP,
and this XP isn't lost. It simply gets converted to 'proessed xp'. You
can for example enter cocoon mode with 40 XP, then later enter with 60 XP
and you will get an evo point.

There are some other small bugs but hopefully nothing game breaking. I
wish we had spent more time on the gameplay, because as of now it is
really just a tech demo for a large generated world and libtcod. It
could definitely be more fun with more creatures to attack, and a more
varied AI.

Anyhow, I'm really glad contests like these happen. My friend and I
learned a lot about good programming practices and coding under crunch
time. I'm looking forward to more of them in the future :)

Many thanks to jice for providing the libtcod library we used. He was
quick to add any suggestions we had, and his code worked well without
causing us grief. A link to his library:

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