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Topi Ylinen

Jan 4, 2007, 12:48:52 PM1/4/07
A couple of serious bugs have come up that made it necessary for me to release
yet another pre-alpha. This release mainly fixes two major bugs that were in-
advertently introduced in the previous release, namely monsters crashing the
game when they fall into pits and teleporter hazes inside solid wall in the
Master Dungeon. As a bonus, you get a more developed Mygdale (the Nobion
starting town) and a third playable dungeon, Mygdale Sewers.
So, currently there are 3 playable areas in the game:
1) The Master Dungeon (available as a startup option only)
2) Mygdale Sewers (available in Nobion or after the Master Dungeon)
3) The unnamed wilderness dungeon in Nobion (available like the Sewers)

Please note that this release breaks old savefiles somewhat. You might wish
to start a new game when trying this release. Besides, you might not see the
new maps anyway unless you start a new game.

Get the new pre-alpha here:

Here's the readme for this release:

-Added new maps & stores to Mygdale. You'll probably need to start a new
game to see them if you have already wandered around in Nobion in your
current game (the new maps will not replace your already generated maps).
Note that there are a couple of doors that you are not supposed to open;
you will find keys to some of them in future versions. Note that you will
also encounter a couple of new NPCs who are not very talkative... yet.
-Added virtue penalties for certain destructive or otherwise wicked things
that you might perform in Mygdale. Virtue bonuses for good deeds will be
added later. Generally, if you are playing a Good party, you should try not
to steal, murder, or damage property in Mygdale. The game will sometimes
give you hints that you have just done something naughty.
-There's a new semi-random dungeon called Mygdale Sewers, just below
Mygdale. This is a very low-level dungeon, ideal for new parties.
-Changed the random wilderness area generation to be more 'open', i.e.,
there is no longer an extra layer of indestructible walls that the exits
are embedded into. The exits are now more accessible. I hope you like this
-Added several new potions. WARNING - this change makes old savefiles
incompatible. More specifically, your old objects may become corrupted or
otherwise strange. Keys will probably stop working - so if you are in the
middle of completing the Master Dungeon, complete it first (if you can -
see the bugs below) and then upgrade to this version just before entering
the portal that takes you out.
-Monsters falling into pits no longer crash the game (this was an
unfortunate side effect of the new traps/secret doors code in 0.102).
-Fixed a design flaw on Master Dungeon level 4 caused by missing terrain
types. This didn't surface until in 0.102 where the new base template
declared all squares as granite wall. The symptom included teleporter hazes
inside granite walls on level 4. Too bad if you teleported into one.
-Also changed the template dungeon type to initialise all nonspecified
sqaures with stone floor rather than granite wall by default.
-Fixed a bug that caused the Disarming skill to remove incorrect flags from
trapped squares.
-Fixed a symbol bug in how discovered secrets are displayed.
-Failed picklock attempts no longer cause the character to bash the door.
-The damage inflicted by the Weaken Nonmaterial Entities spell was
considered unsummoning damage. Since unsummoning monsters does not give you
any xp, you would not get any xp for monsters killed with this spell.
-It was possible to reach some special squares in the Master Dungeon by
teleporting onto them; fixed now. Largely irrelevant, though, since
teleportation spells are by design blocked in the Master Dungeon.
-Certain 'secret' areas in the Master Dungeon could be spotted too easily
with proper magic. They were supposed to be more secret and harder to find.
-Implemented store services: Heal hit points, Cure ailments (various),
Resurrection, Restore Forgotten Spells.
-Implemented spells: Wall of Fire, Wall of Water, Wall of Lightning, Wall
of Poison, Wall of Mental Energy.
-Again, disabled some debugging messages.

The official PBR site:

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