Announcing Brogue v1.6

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Jan 12, 2012, 9:56:43 PM1/12/12
It is my pleasure to announce the release of Brogue v1.6 for Mac OS X,
Windows and Linux. Downloads, screenshots and a forum can be found

New with v1.6:
- The “quest room” system has been expanded and enhanced to add
further variety and interactivity to the dungeon. Some quest rooms can
be generated in open areas, and the same system is used to create
flavor terrain according to themes for particular areas.
- The game is entirely playable by mouse control. A row of buttons
has been added to the bottom of the screen to allow mouse access to
all game commands. All commands remain accessible from the keyboard as
- Buttons appear within item description windows to permit mouse-
driven item actions (equip, unequip, apply, drop, throw, call).
- Ascend and descend are no longer standalone commands (though the
‘>’ and ‘<’ keys will route the player to the stairs as before);
instead, ascent and descent occurs automatically when the player steps
onto the stairs.
- The sidebar supports mouse interaction.
- The “MORE” prompt is much less common, eliminating instances of
“message-lock” when playing message-intensive builds (e.g. conjurers,
jelly masters)
- Multitudes of other interface improvements.
- Pathfinding with travel and explore commands tries to route through
spaces that are known to be free of traps, and attempts to avoid
annoying terrain like spiderwebs.
- Several new monsters, including pit bloats, goblin mystics, acidic
jellies, underworms and sentinels.
- New item: the Staff of Protection.
- Potions of telepathy now reveal the terrain in the vicinity of
distant monsters.
- Allies’ monster description screen reveals when the ally is ready
to learn a new trick.
- Creatures recover from paralysis when they take damage, but any
melee attacks against a paralyzed creature (including the player) are
treated as attacks of opportunity, which always hit and deal treble
damage. Paralysis potions contain half as much gas, but the paralysis
status lasts twice as long.
- Eels and other media-bound monsters are more aggressive.
- Teleportation now tries to move the teleporting creature to a
position that is outside of the field of view from the starting
- When jellies split, they will not spawn on the far side of walls.
- A confirmation prompt ensures that players won’t inadvertently
degrade their weapons by attacking acid mounds and similar creatures.
- The dungeon is larger by one row.
- Runic weapons are somewhat less common, particularly among high-
damage weapon types.
- Poison from staffs of poison will stack with the target’s existing
- The sidebar will reveal when a poisoned creature has absorbed a
fatal dose.
- Reflection armor will auto-identify when the player reflects a
- Monkeys are willing to steal cursed items, as the previous behavior
coerced the player to engage in boring item identification rituals.
- Incendiary darts will now ignite wall-mounted turrets when thrown
directly at them.
- The high scores screen accommodates five more entries.
- Added a quit command to abort the game in progress and return to
the high scores screen.
- Pressing tilde during play will reveal the current turn number in
addition to the dungeon seed.
- Windows and Linux versions have full-screen mode (press F12 or alt-
enter for full-screen).
- Windows and Linux versions support key mapping.
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