7DRL Success: Free-Like

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Mar 12, 2011, 11:26:56 PM3/12/11
From March 5th 12:00AM to March 12th 12:00AM, the rogue-like Free-Like
has officially been completed!

You are to venture through the various worlds to destroy Tropicass,
who has been a dictator of the country for several years now. Rid the
world of him and save you and your fellow citizens!

Features Include:
-Large "Free-Like" Dungeons.
-Various Enemies. Balanced from the Easily Skirmished to the Extremely
-Skills. Work differently in this game. You have to "learn" them and
you do not know the form or shape they can take until you finally have
learned them. This is an interesting way to gain skills and the more
you seek it, the easier it will be to find.
-Equipment. 6 Types of Equipment, some extremely rare and some
extremely common. Find the combinations that work for you to conquer
the worlds!

Will you save the world?
Head to http://sigonasr2.servegame.org/freelike/ to get the game! Made
for the Nintendo DS! Website includes information about how to play it
on your OS.

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