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Mar 16, 2007, 8:15:36 PM3/16/07
Perhaps a minute or two late, but here we are:

damn last minute bugs :(

Readme extract follows, for those who are unfamiliar.


- Jeffrey


7DRL: Bob and Trev: Resurrection
(c) Jeffrey Lee 2007. Released under the GNU GPL version 2.

Created for 7DRL challenge 2007:


Around the time the BBC Micro was popular, there was a magazine called
The Micro User. And in the letters page, there were some humourous,
fictional letters from Bob, writing to his friend Trev. These letters
dealt with the trials and tribulations of an 80's home computer
tinkerer, and the way the world around him (particularly his wife)
looked upon his hobby. Some of these letters can be seen online here:

The letters however were rather tame in nature, and not really
befitting of a roguelike.

The real inspiration for the roguelike comes from a much later letter,
in 1995, in the last ever issue of Acorn Computing. This Bob and Trev
letter sends things down a slightly more surreal and apocalyptic/
dystopian path, featuring cemtex mice, floppy disc drives brandished
as deadly weapons, the dongle squad, the Acron Users' suicide clan,
and the usual smattering of in-jokes. This of course is a perfect
setting for a roguelike.

So, I present to you, Bob and Trev: Resurrection.

Minimum system requirements:

A BBC Model B with 32k of RAM and 100k disc drive, i.e.:
* 24.75k free RAM
* A 40x25 text mode
* 22k free disk space for game data
* And (up to) 57k for each save file

The game should also run fine on newer versions of BBC BASIC (i.e. as
shipped with RISC OS), or on the open-source Brandy (http:// Note however that the current
version (1.19) contains some bugs that need patching in order for the
game to run (see below).

Technically the game should also run on BBC BASIC for Windows (http:// but I have been unable to test its compatability
due to the 8K RAM limit on the demo version.

The game:

The goal of the game is to ascend to level 30 of the building, steal
the Nut Device, and escape back into the sewers. Along the way you
will meet numerous people who will try to kill you, and find a
multitude of items to defend yourself with.


* 4 colour ASCII graphics (if enabled)
* Permadeath
* Persistent levels
* Character and monster statistics - XP level, speed, strength,
dexterity, intelligence and wizdom
* Melee, ranged, and fired weapons
* Armour
* Hunger, food, drink, and cooking!
* Item identification
* Map discovery, simple LOS
* A few opportunities for stupid deaths
* Scores file

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