7DRL Success: The Man in the Mirror

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Mar 13, 2011, 8:34:38 PM3/13/11
Find it and screenshots at www.users.on.net/~rossn

The hero of the game is a patient at an asylum for the mentally ill.
He has a dual personality disorder, which allows him the ability to
be taken over by his evil side if he finds he has lost too much sanity
to be in the real world. This involves passing over to a twisted
mirror world where the hero's insanity is much more welcome. Stay too
long in either world however, and the mental stability of the hero
will cause hallucinations.

I had to cut back quite a bit from my original plan, however the goal
to make it a visual feast I think was certainly accomplished. Although
its short, The game looks great, and the story and idea came together
quite well, even though it too needed to be modified part way through
the week.

Feedback and bug reports always welcome, however beyond a possible
post challenge bug fix release, the game is highly unlikely to see
further development.


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