7DRL Success: Mutant Aliens!

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Mar 17, 2012, 2:26:27 PM3/17/12

Download: https://github.com/downloads/essarrdee/mutantaliens/mutantaliens.zip

Source: https://github.com/essarrdee/mutantaliens/

Screenshots: http://7drl.org/tag/mutant-aliens/

The objective is to destroy the radio transmitter that's fooling your
spaceship's docking system, then get back into the ship and fly away.
Simple enough, right?

There are lots of features I wanted that aren’t in it. But it’s
playable, it’s very coffeebreaky, it can be very challenging, and it’s
very prone to killing you just when you think you’ve won. Don’t let
them get too close. Run away often. Use your explosives wisely.

I guess it turns out a worthwhile roguelike doesn’t have to have
remote controlled brain slices.

Comments, feedback, bug reports, particularly along the lines of “Add
in-game help as a bugfix or I refuse to play” can be posted here, or
sent to quendus at google’s email domain.

README reproduced here:

To run on Windows, run mutantaliens.exe
To build and run on UNIX-like systems, type:
If it complains, try:
make esc_ok

If there is a crash or some unpleasant behaviour, please email me
about it, preferably with a screenshot and/or a way to reproduce it.

0 is the lowest difficulty, and is a bit too easy. 9 is the hardest
difficulty, and it might be winnable! 4 or 5 is supposed to be the
standard difficulty.

Green . is soil. Walking on this is quietest.
Green t is a small tree. Walking through this is slightly louder.
Green T is a large tree. You can't see through them!
White # is the wall (or the inert control panel of your ship).
White . is a solid floor. Walking on these is quite noisy.
White + is a door. These are transparent, but walking through them is
rather noisy.

Commands which currently have a useful effect:
hjklyubn or numpad to move. arrow keys work for orthogonal movement.
r to check radio signal strength (a fraction of letters from the
transmission will be *ed out). This tells you how close the goal is,
but you'll have to figure out the direction yourself.
R to start or stop running (actually this makes you do everything
faster). As your stamina(**********) decreases, your running speed
decreases to your walking speed. Monsters can do this too!
f to enter fire mode, hjklyubn or numpad/arrow keys to target, f to
fire, i to inspect targeted square, tab to autotarget visible
t to enter throwing mode, hjklyubn or numpad/arrow keys to target, t
to confirm location, hjklabcdef to select device. 0-9 to set timer (0
activates/explodes on impact, others wait that number of turns at your
walking speed).
i to view some information about the contents of a targetted tile, in
fire mode or throw mode.
tab to autotarget visible monsters, in fire mode (but not throw mode).
X,Y,Z to wield pistol, assault rifle, or plasma cannon. Their fire
power is in that order. The plasma cannon does splash damage, try not
to shoot it at adjacent enemies. You autowield the rifle. It takes a
turn to switch.
Which one you are wielding is indicated by a line above the weapon in

The memory display shows all observed information about a species. It
may show species symbol, species size, species walk speed (relative to
your walk), species max run speed (relative to your max run speed),
species damage (absolute), and species health (absolute).
The species health descriptions are not very helpful at the moment -
monsters marked frail will die very *very* easily, but many monsters
marked "tough" will also die easily. You'll have to observe species
health yourself.
Counts of ammo/devices in your inventory, and loudest sound heard this
turn are also displayed. The direction the sound came from will
sometimes disagree with what you see - thats because you can't hear
very well.
You and monsters will also tend to be deaf for quite a long time after
using explosives.

Try to use your radio to find the radio transmitter, destroy it using
explosives (or cannon), and get back into the ship, without getting
killed or letting an alien come with you alive.

The devices you have are:
(a) low explosive: radius 2, good damage (more than a cannon shot)
(b) high explosive: radius 4, high damage (unless you're on a hard
difficulty setting, a direct hit should kill anything that's not you)
(c) hologram projector: projects a hologram, which will distract
monsters from you if you're lucky.
(d) noise generator: either emits sounds which will attract aliens and
distract them from you, or plays harsh noise at deafening volumes,
repelling monsters. Unfortunately, you don't choose which.
(e) scent generator: emits a scent identical to your own, distracting
(f) brain slice: some aliens don't need vision, scent, or sound to
find you, they just tchyuuuune into your brahahahaaaaain waaaaaves.
This device distracts such creatures.


emails should be sent to "quendus" at google's domain for email,
rather than this address, which is sacrificed on the spam altar.


Mar 19, 2012, 3:01:34 PM3/19/12
Now that some people other than me have playtested, I've been able to
fix the interface problems that people considered particularly
problematic in the original 7DRL version of Mutant Aliens! (Actally I
did this yesterday, but whatever)
The bugfix release can be downloaded from:




The original 7DRL version, for merciless purists, is available from


and all the source code is on https://github.com/essarrdee/mutantaliens/

CHANGES and README are reproduced here:

Significant changes since 7DRL release:

* Messages etc. print nicely (respecting word boundaries)
* Radio transmitter is now cyan, for improved visibility
* Selected weapon is coloured yellow, rather than indicated with
* Added blue stars to make it clear what the maximum stamina is
* Targetting lines are now cyan when targetting an alien
* Added ? for ingame help
* Autotargetting now works when throwing
* Numpad keys now work for targetting
* Numlock may not be necessary
* Added Q to quit the game
* Included frivolous easter egg that slipped my mind after day 1


Alternative download: http://songseed.org/srd/mutantaliens_update2.zip
tab to autotarget visible monsters, in fire mode and throw mode.
X,Y,Z to wield pistol, assault rifle, or plasma cannon. Their fire
power is in that order. The plasma cannon does splash damage, try not
to shoot it at adjacent enemies. You autowield the rifle. It takes a
turn to switch.
Which one you are wielding is indicated by a line above the weapon in
Q lets you quit, but that's not very useful.
bug reports/comments/flames to (quendus at google's email domain)
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