New Game: ADOM (MS-DOS, MS-Windows, and Linux only)

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Thomas Biskup

Mar 15, 1996, 3:00:00 AM3/15/96
ADOM: Ancient Dungeons Of Mystery

Major features of ADOM include the character being created by choosing
from 10 races and 12 classes, a skill system of 22 skills, a major
rules variant differing from the general D&D-likeness of most games,
many special levels, minor quests, more than 300 base item types (with
several 1000 variants possible) and more than 200 monsters. The game
itself is available for DOS and Linux right now but hopefully soon the
port to Amiga systems will be done, too.

ADOM can be found in the /pub/games/adom directory on
The WWW page is located at
The current version for ADOM is 0.7.1, but 0.8.0 hopefully will be
available by the end of march.

Now for the readme...

=-=-=-= Ancient Dungeons Of Mystery =-=-=-=
=-= (c) Copyright 1994, 1995, 1996 by Thomas Biskup =-=
=-= All Rights Reserved =-=

"After 6000 years of peace the beautiful world of Ancardia is once more
threatened by the forces of Chaos. Dark and sinister beings emerge from
a huge dungeon complex hidden in a remote mountain range known as the
Drakalor Chain. They plunder, burn and kill everything they encounter and
pose a serious threat to all life on Ancardia. The famous sage Khelavaster
finally managed to locate the dungeon complex which seems to be the origin
of all evil. Scores of adventurers travel to those ancient and mysterious
dungeons to face whatever might be lurking in the vast depths of the

Now it's your turn. You, being a young avdenturer looking for fame
and fortune, have started on a quest to save your world.

This document will try to answer some of the most pressing questions about
the game called ADOM (shortcut for 'Ancient Dungeons Of Mystery').

A. What is ADOM?
B. Which systems are supported?
C. What do I need to play ADOM?
D. How much do I have to pay for ADOM?
E. Is there any support available?
F. Where can I find the sources for ADOM?


A. What is ADOM?

ADOM is a so-called rogue-like game. This means that it is a single-user
game which allows you to play the role of an intrepid adventurer exploring
a large dungeon with some specific goal in mind. The graphics in the game
are based on simple text characters and the game is controlled with a
large number of keyboard commands.

B. What systems are supported?

ADOM is available for several systems. As of the current version only
INTEL-x86-based CPUs are supported, but a port to the Amiga should be
available soon. To be able play ADOM you need to have a 386, 486 or
Pentium CPU and at least 2MB of RAM installed. ADOM is known to work with
MS-DOS, Windows, Windows 95 and Linux. It also should work with DR-DOS
and PC-DOS (if you discover the contrary please let me know).

C. What do I need to play?

If you want to play ADOM on a DOS- or Windows-based system you will need
the following two files:

If you want to play ADOM on a Linux system you will need the following two
The Linux version was compiled under Linux 1.1.62, but should work on all
systems able to execute programs in aout-format.

The xyz should be replaced by the most reecent version number of ADOM
(e.g. 070).

D. How much do I have to pay for ADOM?

Nothing. ADOM is a game available for free. Feel free to copy it and to
distribute it as long as you honor the conditions explained in the file
'license.doc' contained in the package for your system. If you want to
say thanks to the author for creating the game, please send a postcard to
the address listed below from wherever you are living:

Thomas Biskup
Timmerbrinksweg 37
45896 Gelsenkirchen

E. Is there any support available?

Partially. If you have Usenet access try to look into the newsgroup, where you might find help. If you have access
to EMail you also can try to ask questions to (that's
me), although I can't guarantee to have the time to answer them. New
ideas for the game should also be sent to that address.

F. Where can I find the sources for ADOM?

Currently nowhere. Right now I do not feel like distributing the sources.
This attitude might change in the future if I no longer feel like working
on ADOM, but right now you are out of luck. Sorry.

Thomas Biskup | Genius may have its limitations,
EMail: | but stupidity is not thus handicapped. | -- Elbert Hubbard

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