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Are their any Angband addicts left?

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Bobbie Sellers

Jul 4, 2020, 1:33:26 AM7/4/20
Hi if anyone is watching this list,

I got back to Angband recently,running it from MXLinux in a VirtualBox,
it seems to be a transitional version, the shops won't buy
anything aside from the Magic Shop which will take and resell staves
and buy wands. I keep littering the streets with stuff. I have 3
artifact weapons: Lance of Eorlingas, Forsagil, and a short sword Dunwod
all the spelling of the names are off of course and the weapon shop
won't buy? Oh for the mathom house.. But also in this version lines of
green stuff litter the levels and praying for sense of doors and traps
wipes it off that portion of the screen. I wonder if the rules changed
so radically at some point that the shops will sell and always seem to
have essential stock like Words of Recall, some Scrolls of ID and Staves
of ID, Oh and the character is a Dwarf Paladin around 65O feet which is
lower than I have survived in some time.
I say addicted because hammering away at a Keyboard in Angband
was the waste of many hours on the Amiga and on my XP laptop. I tend to
get dehydrated as I play until the last possible minute to pull my
meal together.

sooner than later

bliss dash SF 4 ever at dslextreme dot com

Timo Pietilä

Jul 28, 2020, 11:33:50 AM7/28/20
On 4.7.2020 8.33, Bobbie Sellers wrote:
>     Hi if anyone is watching this list,

There are not many of us here, but in http://angband.oook.cz/forum/
there are still plenty of angband players. Pretty much everyone just
moved from here to there some time ago.

New versions of angband can be found on http://rephial.org/release/

Timo Pietilä

Nomen Nescio

Mar 30, 2021, 5:29:35 AM3/30/21
Bobbie Sellers <bl...@mouse-potato.com> writes:

> I got back to Angband recently

If they'll develop any new interesting variants I might come back. Last
time I played Angband variant was when ToME was still based on
Angband. I didn't play vanilla since I discovered ZAngband.
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