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Early warning signs from 1990s? (movies in west)

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Jul 4, 2016, 11:09:03 PM7/4/16
Prodigy - Voodoo People (music video) 1994
Babylon 5 (1999) - there a centaur king drinks alkohol in an attempt to prevent brain controlling implants to control him and destroy the country.

Dark City (1998) - "telepathic" aliens that use a machine to "amplify" their thoughts are doing wierd experiments

Matrix (1999) is clear but clearly made by them? As they don't start speaking things openly in USA.

Star Wars - Attack of Clones (2002) and conspiracy theories against rulers of countries.

(had an idea about some major release but my mind went blank when they started to actively stopping unwanted thoughts)

Star Wars 7 (2015) - Force Awakens is garbage.

Independence day (2016) new version showing major cities to be destroyed (europe and usa).

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