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YAGBU - Jharod's mercy

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Mar 24, 2017, 11:05:18 AM3/24/17

I couldn't locate Andy Williams's contact information on the guidebook's
web site so I'll try posting here.

The guidebook currently states that there are two ways to get the healing
skill from Jharod: healing Yrrigs, or healing a wounded creature.

I stumbled upon a third way some years ago, probably with ADOM 1.1.1.

You need a sentient (able-to-talk) creature, who panics (low on health).
Go to the panicked creature, 'C'hat with him, and the game asks whether
you wish to offer peace to the creature. Do so.

After that, Jharod will offer the healing skill to you.

I think you need to be in Jharod's line of sight for this to work, but I
never tested this much. It might even be that you can do this on other
levels than VD:4?

Can someone confirm this?

(Let's see if my news server still works.)


Jun 8, 2017, 11:45:42 AM6/8/17
This is, indeed, known. Jharod asks that you "exert mercy." Mercy can be either saving Yrrigs or offering peace to a panicked monster. This can even be done repeatedly, even after saving Yrrigs — and, yes, he must in the line of sight.
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