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Stockholm police is mentally ill

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Jun 27, 2016, 5:38:52 PM6/27/16
When visiting Interhostel strong man attacked me before I was attacked against my CNS.

After I was forced to leave Hostel I called the police which arrived but act strangely. They did raise one of their legs up but not the other one. Additionally Interhostel claimed they did not find my bags and I was forced to leave. The hand bag contained expensive jewellery and means to charge phones. Police was also threatening and I was forced to leave and behaved nonlogically. They gave me candys and I had to leave. I lost bag 50 euros and jewellery 300 euros, phone chargers 100 eur. And important documents. Additionally, I lost another bag containing sleeping bag 100, tent 300, and other things 300 eur.

Total 1100 euros.

I get idea that police understood the situation and gave me candys. I lost bags and police didnt want to help. They said I should leave and not stay the hostel and talked about giving money back effectively throwing me to street instead of helping me to stay in hostel.

Police had guns so I had to be careful.

Jun 27, 2016, 5:40:24 PM6/27/16
Forgot my name: Tomas Ukkonen
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