EU / USA organized crime and total lying

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Mar 17, 2019, 9:52:10 AM3/17/19
I need help. I have born in 1980. My name is Tomas Erno Ukkonen. (For example in 1980s UK is said to be Great Britain in Finland (GB) but in 1990s it is UK (United Kingdom) (my surname stars with UKkonen - strange coincidence ++ more in films and otherwise)

My Elisa phone operator bill is 1700 eur / month and police does not investigate crimes in EU / USA.

Major cities destroyed and physics bypassed. 15.000 euros disappeared from my bank accounts and banks don’t work well + Mastercard + VISA.

I’m murdered and now in Akerhus Oslo hospital area D which keeps me hospital without reason or high-level intelligence. Your CNS/brain and thinking cannot work well (stopped/disabled thinking paths / thoughts). Remote control of Brain. Major companies destroyed and act to be “real” companies. You are being lied constantly.

Washington DC (USA) buildings and London (UK / Great Britain) and EU government + United Nations (UN / London) buildings cannot work normally or empty.

Short-term robots with ”guns” don’t have common sense to stay alive or keep society / countries working. Actor (näyttelijä) don’t want to understand anything. Remote control of CNS body and physics(?).

Read my posts (Tomas Ukkonen) (linked in posts removed / modified / pictures modified / physical items modified / changed / disappear). Internet don’t work well and newsgroups, and other services may not work.

Taxation etc works strangely and cannot contact old friends / contacts / businesses.

Matrix (1999) and Dark City (1998) films have some content but keep lying to watcher. Robocop film from 1980s seems modified ( trailers) (police destroyed), music industry down and music performers songs modified (Material Girl - Madonna told to me by remote controller / brain destroyer in France). (Also Simpsons might tell you you are not really so clever).

Russia / Europe / USA, Pacific looks destroyed. Haven’t been physically in China, India, Japan, Africa, Middle East but looks not working.

Many buildings/houses empty in USA (Washington etc) and in Europe. There were empty rooms in 1980 in Outokumpu Finland but much much less I think.

More information:

Large areas of the World is destroyed. Hospitals are strange in many places. Democracies and TV shows propaganda and people are being lied all the time. Political movements are destroyed, music sector is destroyed, companies seem to destroyed, emergency numbers don’t work well, police don’t investigate crimes easily, economics (money transfers) cannot work normally anymore don’t work etc.

Food and items appear / move to shops by itself, people brain functions are disabled / remote controlled, physical body not as described by doctors, physics bypassed, sounds seem to be caused differently than described in physics, light/leds without electricity, outdoor temperatures and some situation may change, time move faster forward or jump back in time(?), 3d continuum world not normal always, buldings and items disappear and appear, physical midification of normal items, stars not visible always on the sky or clouds not normal / exist, short-term ”robots” appear to airports and cities and not high-level common sense to try stay alive, world is not optimized although possible with normal computers, stars difficult to stay normal balls with normal physical explanation etc. Most buildings empty and normal people disappeared. Internet/computers/phones/physics may not work.

Most parlaments and USA Congress seem to be empty / disappeared / not virtually functional anymore. Shop employee becomes angry when talking about optimization of his shop. ”People” not interested to talk that world is not ”real”.

Hospitals and police work badly and on Washington DC streets I was caused pain (torture). Run away from Washington to airport because of remote control of brain I think. (cannot fully control myself is the feeling and cannot plan / think smartly).

I need help. I have born in 1980.

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WHOIS server queries doesn’t seem to work anymore. Official WHOIS databases (RIPE etc) are maybe destroyed and internet ...


Mar 17, 2019, 10:08:03 AM3/17/19
SOS (save our souls). I might die.

Post through Google groups doesn’t seem to go real widespread list (don’t know how newsgroup servers worldwide work currently?). Last time used newsgroups in 1999 but forgot to use BBS or newsgroups because of CNS remote control when I moved to study in (Teknillinen Korkeakoulu, Helsinki University of Technology, now destroyed Aalto University). Published article in Neurocomputing and have worked inEkokem, Kiinteistöhuolto Hyttinen Markku, Absolutions Oy (Marko Lehtovaara CEO is my relative), Growth Curves (Software dev), Generic Electric (Software testing of medical equipment), Geodetic Institute, (Cartography science / scientist released few science articles), Itella TGM Oy (census etc data and optimization of marketing and company and city operations) (Posti, Osuuspankki, VR etc etc), National Library of Finland (internet crawling / Archive if internet / search engine) (IIPC, Internet Archive, Library if Congress etc), developed EEG analysis (machine learning software a bit) (neuromarketing / propaganda etc) (Emotiv & Interaxon Muse) etc. Doctors snd police try to destroy me in Finland since 2007 making working difficult.

Most companies seem dead and not working normally.

“Robotic” not smart actors (näyttelijöitä) everywhere that don’t talk basic intelligent talk.

I cannot get good information and companies etc criminals and police don’t work A sometimes a bit dangerous.

Caribbean (Saint Martin) is destroyed too. Sometimes people seem to be able to know things about you. Have not visited California / West Coast or for a long time in Canada. (not useful) Have worked with normal countries National Libraries (IIPC meetings) and wanted to keep lying to me. (Workd is not really normal).


Need money!

FI8113093500061072 (Nordea bank is a bit broken)

(Protonmail commercial services don’t work well)

Mar 17, 2019, 10:25:43 AM3/17/19
I cannot do much. I need help. Remote control of CNS. Cannot get information. I’m member of political party in Finland (not serious about politics).

Email from ”Jani Engberg” etc. I published song”Tomas Ukkonen - Murderers Are Destroying My Nervous System (Remote Control)” through Amazon, Google, Apple Music, and other distribution channels. (2014/2015 re-released in 2017).

Actors (näyttelijöitä) around me everywhere. Contacts murdered or killed or disappeared / travelled somewhere.

I have worked as Senior Analyst and Scientist optimizing marketing and operations of companies and cities. I graduated from Teknillinen Korkeakoulu 2006 and received Master of Science diploma (machine learning and computer science and information science).

I graduated 1996-1999 from Hausjärvi Lukio and from 1996 from peruskoulu (basic school from Finland).

I got Laudatur from mathematics etc. but when studying Engineering Physics and Mathematics (Teknillinen Fysiikka) and was in physics guild in TKK but my attempt to study modern physics in detail was stopped (could not think / function well) so I studied machine learning and computers.

CERN and other physics departments and science institutions probably destroyed (difficult to search scientific institutions other than huuhaa CERN. Cannot find real physics information. (why tapping with finger to table seem to cause noise / sound without vibrating surface or how to make airplanes do something more complex than flying (airplane engineers disappeared / destroyed maybe sometime in 1930-1970 or so inserted into my head ( Remote control of brain cannot think clearly).

Mar 17, 2019, 10:36:20 AM3/17/19
don’t know how to sounds are created without vibrsting string or surface (loudspeaker speakers cannot work well when discant doesn’t seem to move much etc).

Disabled / stopped brain functions at least since 1980s or before. Someone maybe destroyed human race snd created something ”crazy” in the planet (physics work strangely) or crazy area/planet/(simulation??) created to fool somebody.

The one behind this crazyness is does non-optimal things / ei järkevästi / not-intelligently and wants to destroy himself. (?). Cannot think very clearly since 1990s after thinking increasingly altered / in remote control(??).

I need help! ”People” keep lying (not honest / say false information) and want to destroy and kill (not very efficient / very optimal / smart / ???). don’t know how this works or why to do apparently(?) stupid things.

Normal thinking and planning destroyed by inserting ”mechanical voice” into my head (hate and destroy but not direct kill).

Mar 17, 2019, 10:42:30 AM3/17/19
I have born in 1980 in Finland. I have worked as Senior Analyst and Scientist and used computers to optimize marketing, city, company operations. (MATLAB, C++, Powerpoinr, Excel, data mining, non-linear time series prediction, scoring, linear and non-linearized scoring of customers, classification of life stage/(path in life) and areas, etc (statistically), Bayesian mathematical modeling of customers, random number generator fixes etc etc.

I need help. I’m murdered. Criminal companies and banks don’t work.

Tomas Ukkonen, 041080-141U

Mar 17, 2019, 10:44:08 AM3/17/19
Also neural networks and “Bayesian” neural networks to predict city future / areas / statistics / classifications of citizens etc etc.

Mar 17, 2019, 10:50:38 AM3/17/19
When working with census data and optimization had to follow laws related to use of census and CRM data and choose / adjust algorithms to work so that work within laws and don’t use census / customer data not correctly (should maybe use lawyers do decide how one process data).

Mar 17, 2019, 11:11:51 AM3/17/19
I have “worked” also in Ministry of Labour ( (Ministry of Employment) in ~2005 and was in Finland’s Army in 2000 (panssariprikaati in Hämeenlinna).

I need help!

My thinking is badly destroyed. There places should be optimized but these are not very optimal and someone is wasting resources. (I have worked as Senior Analyst but though forced into my head (since something like 2014 iwn thinking often badly destroyed)).

I have a flat/apartment/room in Finland but people want me to die!

Music industry and music destroyed. For example Madonna - Material Girl looks (video) changed. Someone modified my published song but not significantly / permanently. Old science articles in science articles modified to be garbage and ”scientists” publish more total garbage articles in Elsevier and other science journals / publifications.


Mar 18, 2019, 3:36:21 AM3/18/19
Your messages show strong evidence that your brain is compromised. Many of the things that you think you are seeing are evidence of poor mental health on your part (paranoid schiznophrenia or something similar, I imagine, but I'm not a doctor).

Apparent changes in music videos are evidence of degradation in your memories, not changes in reality.

The correct course of action is to seek help from a mental health professional. A psychologist or a psychiatrist or someone along those lines.
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