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ADOM 2.3.5 released as a Steam Beta!

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Thomas Biskup (ADOM Maintainer)

Oct 17, 2017, 4:40:10 AM10/17/17
Hi everyone!

I am very proud to announce the release of ADOM 2.3.5 as a Steam Beta to the general public. The process to access the ADOM 2.3.5 beta is described here:

The general public release hopefully will follow very soon - we just want to get feedback on stability, first impressions, etc. for a couple of days before it will be launched.

Note that ADOM 2.3.5 still is a beta version - there might be bugs, crashes, etc. that we didn't discover in our tests. So be prepared for a little bumpiness - experience has taught us that general public releases are very different from prerelease test releases, which in turn yield a very different experience to our local tests.

ADOM 2.3.5 is the culmination of more than a year of development (one year and one day exactly today - our last release was ADOM 2.2.6 on October, 16th, 2016).

ADOM 2.3.5 contains tons of new stuff. I just want to give you a few highlights:
- A new, much more beautiful and much more functional HUD.
- Tons of graphical tweaks (like mostly animated monsters, speech bubbles, quick hints, dialog boxes, etc.)
- Tons of usability enhancements (quick hints, better context menus, more graphical mouse cursors, finally ESC support, a better quest status screen, many improved dialogs, etc. pp.)
- Tons of new content (117 new items, 22 new monsters, Rolf Quest, Volcano Quest, rechargeable items as a while new item category, ...)
- A new "easy" game mode (that doesn't take away any content or fun but serves as a better game mode for new ADOM players - the game will try to kill you a little less often ;-) )

Read all the details here:

And now enjoy the latest version and let us know what you think!

If you find bugs or have ideas for more improvements please submit them at

We now are back to working and ADOM 2.3.6 and ADOM 2.4.0 and will be active a lot more often from now on.

Kind regards
Thomas Biskup & Team ADOM


Oct 18, 2017, 5:34:22 PM10/18/17
Do any of the new releases take away any of the viciousness of door traps? Really ruins the game in my opinion. There are so many roguelikes I love, but ADOM is total love/hate. I do not play it nowhere near as much as others . . .
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