How to disrupt mind/remote control

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Jun 27, 2016, 1:26:29 AM6/27/16
How to disrupt Mind Control
Tomas Ukkonen

Mind Control methods are used to directly control brain functions like movement, thinking, visuals and smells. SEE Robobitch video by Bazuka (YouTube)

The simple idea is to disrupt normal control by drinking alcohol, throw dice or use more scientific methods. One can for example throw dice when making decisions and make semirandom decisisions instead or create a software that shows random pictures etc that aims to normalize brainwaves/eeg/meg.. or just increase randomness/creativity by maximizing entropy of brain signals.

If you can trust somebody else, then asking from someone what to do can make sense (goto to city center and ask N times from ALL people in some place and do what majority recommends).

In theory, one should travel to a country/place that has "psychiatry" (treatment against one's will) that works but THERE IS NO SUCH COUNTRY. ALL PSYCHIATRIC TREATMENTS ARE FRAUD/AIM TO DESTROY YOU.


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