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Jul 28, 2017, 3:45:40 PM7/28/17
Police do not function properly in many countries in Europe and in wider area. Lack of police function and use of methods stopping litigations and justice leads to criminality (organized crime) against many.

- collapse of online news services
- phones/computers can be easily destroyed, destroying businesses and ability to work (software/hardware cracked, remote controlled electronics, remote controlled mechanical devices - at least locks)
- stopping money transfers/malfunctions,
- bank/credit card malfunctions
- travel abroads sometimes stopped (flight ticket reservation errors, booking to hostels not possible, invalidated tickets etc)
- criminals sending high-rate loans to persons without their permission (causing financial mix-up)
- violence to nervous system (heartbeat, confusion, sleep, headache, arousal, vision changes, improved eyesight, pain, irrational thinking causing significant problems, panic, speed up, involuntary movements..)
- they control their targets nervous system so that it is impossible do intelligent decisions and drive them to death
- changing appearance to complete other person possible(?)
- police does not investigate reported crimes
many online internet services malfunction when you try to do something they don't like
- google and other services give bad search results those that are being destroyed while others may get proper information/results
- system can apparently (sometimes) read your mind to some extent
- aggression and apathy from general population

They want to murder people.

Action needed:
- re-establish role of reason and rule of law in society
- establish police function as governmental police does not function
- give information about meeting points where people can meet and help each other
- help and share information about CNS attacks
- arm persons preventing direct attacks
- rebuild working news services

Meeting points:

Helsinki, Helsinki University Library entrance, Fabianinkatu 30, Finland.

News group: (Google Groups): (send messages are permanently visible)

IRC Freenode #worldiscrazy (

Majority of people still seem to use airports, conventional means of transport and normal technology and need money indicates that they are out of the loop, not needed anymore and finally killed as the ideology seems to be destroy others and not to support systems that force groups to work in tight co-operation and without wasting resources to internal fights.

I'm in serious trouble.

I'm under constant attacks (attacks against cns etc).

I'm being destroyed and they want me dead.
I need help!


Tomas Ukkonen

Jul 28, 2017, 4:10:19 PM7/28/17
Meeting point in every city if you don't travel:

- libraries:
the largest library (maintained by every city/town)
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