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Attack methods

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Jun 27, 2016, 2:01:36 AM6/27/16
Methods seen

Complete control of visual system
Control of smells
Control of pain (usually small stings)
Ability to disappear/"teleport"
Confusion attacks
Inability to remember attacks
Control of movement
Ability to change appearance to another person!
Ability to break electronics
Ability to steal/hide physical items
Ability to move fast
Ability to reduce friction/gravity?
Ability to control thinking
Ability to inject thoughts
Ability to break phones
Ability to change facial expression
Ability to turn on lights/light switch
Ability to open locks
Ability to change liquid to another liquid
Ability to have super AI like capabilities in system controlling
Ability to read thoughts

Ability cause difficulty breathing, heart attacks..

Ability to become invisible?

Ability to learn foreign

Ability to improve eyesight of others (cns based)

Ability to create all kinds of sounds from mouth


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