Some Guys Have All the Luck...

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Chris Bowers

Jul 4, 2021, 12:16:53 AM7/4/21
Started a Valk.

Altar level 1, fountain level 1
Massive food shop level 2 (many potions of booze, water and fruit juice).
General Store Level 3.
Wand shop level 5, found wand which cost 888, .
Shot wand of death which killed shopkeeper. Thanks for that 1745 gold, a key.
Got wand of fire, striking, magic missile, digging, wand of polymorph.
Dipped got Excalibur.
3 green elves on way back all tricked out in elven gear AC -3
General store even had pickaxe and a sack.

Chest next to altar on level one, one potion from the food shop was holy water, (this solves the problem of angering my god by killing shopkeeper). Converted all potions 12 potions of holy water.

Made short work of cross aligned unicorn have unicorn horn.

Not bad for 20 minutes of playtime. All I did was go up to sokoban level and back.

Doing sokoban now any hard monsters? Elbereth with wand of fire or digging, wand of death or poly them.
I guess some guys have all the luck....

Janis Papanagnou

Jul 4, 2021, 9:37:30 AM7/4/21
On 04.07.2021 06:16, Chris Bowers wrote:
> Doing sokoban now any hard monsters? Elbereth with wand of fire or
> digging, wand of death or poly them.

Would it be wise to polymorph Sokoban monsters? I mean they are not
that tough for a lucky Valkyrie and the risk to get a minotaur or a
spell caster that applies a death spell at you seems not appealing.


Chris Bowers

Jul 4, 2021, 10:32:01 AM7/4/21
Only thing I would have poly'd was maybe a vortex? But you're right, everything swooned. I was just planning for something I couldn't bash. But it turns out what I couldn't bash was.... nothing lol.

Got the amulet at sokobon, in the mines was a bag of holding. Mines end got the luckstone. A valkyrie with extrordinary strength and bag of holding now. Yes I can carry extra suits of armor (because no magic resistance yet to prevent polytraps).I used wand of death on the three shopkeepers and I'm going to buy protection. Found another shop: ENORMOUS scroll shop. This just keeps going.

OF COURSE altar was co-aligned, sacced in mintown and got Mojo (Backup weapon in case Excal gets stolen by a nymph)

Polytrap detected on last level of mines, Didn't step on it though.

I'm so strong I'm going to go all the way to medusa's and walk back before I identify things and have extra armor and cloak with me in the bag in case polytrap,

Might turn back and ID if there's a lich or something blocking the way.

Some guys have all the luck...

Janis Papanagnou

Jul 4, 2021, 10:58:04 AM7/4/21
On 04.07.2021 16:31, Chris Bowers wrote:
> I'm so strong I'm going to go all the way [...]

You sense the presence of an epitaph:
"Chris the invincible Valkyrie ... --more--" ;-)

> Some guys have all the luck...

All the best wishes!

And remember, the worst enemy may sit in front of the keyboard. :-)


Chris Bowers

Jul 6, 2021, 3:14:44 PM7/6/21
This guy waltzed through the quest like it was his birthday. Lord Surtur was a joke.

Ludios likewise. Maximized donations.

Castle was easy. Polypile of scrolls and found magic marker led to 4 scrolls of genocide. Two used cursed on nurses (doubled hit points), followed by a cursed one for GDSM. Third one for Liches, Fourth one for disenchanters/rust monsters. Sat on a throne and was allowed to genocide master mind flayers. Not really afraid of regular mind flayers, have grease and killed two already with only a few attacks.

Castle super easy, castle wand for blessed scrolls of charging, gauntlets of power (so I can throw mojo, just for fun, also for more damage). Shield of reflection to free neck slot for AOLS (dunno if I'll need it).
Have more wishes, maybe boots of speed will be wished for as well.

AC -25, But could get it a lot higher.

On way to vlad's now for AOLS and candelabra. Already have wand of death with 2 charges and 2 blessed scrolls of charging for the wizard. Likely will do alchemy to get to 300-400hp when I come back.

This run is cake. Some guys have all the luck.

His only danger now is overconfidence.

Chris Bowers

Jul 27, 2021, 9:10:19 PM7/27/21
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