Degrading Scepter of Might?

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Chris Bowers

Jan 17, 2022, 5:50:14 PMJan 17
In nethack 3.4.3 I acquired two early wishes for my lawful priest. I already had GDSM and reflection from sokobon. So I wished for Scepter of Might and it was wonderful.


It got rusty and thouroughly rusty. I thought this wasn't possible, I thought all artifacts were rustproof and corrodeproof. Looking at the wiki though it states if you are GIFTED an artifact it is rustproof and erodeproof.

Can artifacts erode and get rusty if they are not gifted? What about quest artifacts?

Elven ranger can name sting on turn 0. If it's named does it erode? What about named vs gifted orcrist?

Janis Papanagnou

Jan 17, 2022, 9:11:28 PMJan 17
In your case of wishing for artifacts, just wish for "rustproof ...".

If you find one lying around, use a confused scroll of enchant weapon
to make it rustproof or fix any existing rust.

If you name a weapon then the weapon (so I suspect) will get the base
items status, so I'd just fix it once it gets necessary.


Chris Bowers

Jan 17, 2022, 10:27:29 PMJan 17
Of course. I thought it was ALWAYS rustproof if it was an artifact. That turns out not to be the case! I will wish for rustproof artifacts from now on. I guess this means that "n"aming Sting doesn't create erodeproof artifact weapons either.

I guess from vanilla D&D I always assumed that artifacts are nigh indestructile.

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