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Good early (non-magical) armor for drow priest

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Janis Papanagnou

Oct 14, 2022, 11:43:35 PM10/14/22
My drow priest just reached minetown and completed his pre-enchanted
ordinary armor by some leather gloves. From the armor below the only
piece that I had enchanted myself was the shield (originally also +2).

A - a +0 dwarvish mithril-coat (being worn) {150}
B - a +4 pair of iron shoes (being worn) {50}
C - a blessed +1 dwarvish cloak (being worn) {10}
G - a +2 pair of padded gloves (being worn) {10}
H - a blessed +4 orcish helm (being worn) {30}
S - a blessed fireproof +5 small shield (being worn) {30}

13 points of AC From the resulting AC:-17 stems from pre-enchantment.
Crazy early game.


Janis Papanagnou

Oct 28, 2022, 10:07:57 AM10/28/22
On 15.10.2022 05:43, Janis Papanagnou wrote:
> 13 points of AC From the resulting AC:-17 stems from pre-enchantment.
> Crazy early game.

The opposite in my current Knight late game. Just reached Demogorgon's
lair (Slashem) at dlvl:48 and still only AC:-24.

A - a blessed +1 gray dragon scale mail (being worn) {50}
B - a blessed fireproof +1 pair of speed boots (being worn) {20}
C - a blessed +4 dwarvish cloak (being worn) {10}
G - a blessed +0 pair of leather gloves (being worn) {10}
H - a blessed +2 dwarvish iron helm (being worn) {40}

To have a few more points of AC from the ordinary armor most magical
armor still in my bag.

an uncursed +0 cloak of displacement named fireproof {10}
an uncursed rustproof +0 helm of brilliance {50}
an uncursed +0 shield of reflection named Perseus' {50}
a blessed rustproof +0 helm of telepathy named Grund's {50}

One exception was the switch of my +2 iron boots for speed boots; lost
a few points of AC and gained carrying capacity (and speed, of course).
I would change my armor if I'd only find some scrolls to enchant them.
But only two scrolls in the dungeons thus far; one to create the GDSM
and one provided the (only) +1 enchantment for the speed boots.

One thing I noticed is that my conduct is still wishless:

Voluntary challenges: You have genocided 65 types of monsters. You have
never changed form. You have used no wishes. You have remained celibate.

Maybe I should polypile for scrolls of enchant armor? Or wish for them?
A wish for markers and writing them is costly in Slashem (12-23 instead
of 8-15 in Nethack).

Other options might be visits to some of the branches that I skipped;
the Giant Caverns, Moloch's Temple, the Tomb. There's some loot there.
But I don't have many scrolls of teleport so that's a bit cumbersome.


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