EM Restoration: Cabinet Dimensions

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Steven Campbell

May 27, 2023, 6:37:31 PMMay 27
I have a few of the early Williams 60's model EM's. One that I am working on is the Eager Beaver. It has the lowered cabinet at the front, as to make room for the coin box is what I have been told, I always thought it was called a "cafe machine" ....anyway, I am having to paint the cabinet as much as I dont' want to.

The top of the cabinet on both sides gradually slopes down to the flipper buttons or the front of the machine. Is there anywhere, that someone might know of, that has a listing of basic measurements??? (or maybe a breakdown of slope measurement from top to bottom)

ON ipdb.org there is a large file of cabinet artwork posted and it's really been a great help, but there are no measurements so to speak of.

Any suggestion or idea would be appreciated.

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