Need help: William's SYS 11A solenoid problem

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10 feb. 2003 21:49:122003-02-10
I've been studying the schematics and Clay's information for a couple
of days and haven't figured out the solution yet.

The game is a F-14 and during the game mode, everything seems to work
fine. (switch and solenoid tests in diagnostics seem to be OK, also)
When the game is over and in the attract mode, the flippers and
several other solenoids (pop bumper, ball popper, slings, R&L center
eject and right eject) are still "alive". When the flipper buttons
are pressed, the flippers work as if it was in game play mode, also,
when activating the switches for the other solenoids mentioned, they
fire like in game mode. Another phenomenon is when the machine is
turned on, all (I think) of the solenoids fire once in unison (except
for the flippers). The flipper relay on the CPU is working (not stuck
engaged) but something is keeping it engaged when in game over mode.
I have verified that the small switching transistor for the relay is

Is the switch matrix "shut off" from the CPU during game over to keep
the non flipper solenoids from activating? If this is the case, what
might be keeping it awake?

This is my first SYS 11 game, so I am still trying to learn the logic
of how it operates.( I am much more experienced with William's SYS 6 &
7 and Bally -17 and 35) I aquired the game in a non working condition
(everything unplugged in the head) so I don't know anything about the
sequence of failure prior to getting the game going again. I have
rebuilt the HV portion of the PS bd. to get the displays working


cody chunn

10 feb. 2003 22:27:442003-02-10
Refer to your schematics and check the Blanking signal. In attract, it
should be Low. If it is, then the 7406 at U59, the 7402 at U6, or the 7408
at U58 aren't getting the signal out to U7 to tell Q86 to turn off K1*.


* - All alpha-numerical references are made referencing a System 9 repair
manual. Designations may differ on your game. Signals remain the same.

"msmiller" <> wrote in message

Scott B.

11 feb. 2003 09:30:192003-02-11
I was able to fix this same problem on my system 11 board for my Road
Kings by replacing the 7402 ic's at U45 and U50. These are all your
special solenoids, and they are not controlled by the PIA's. Also
check the traces under these 2 chips. I had 1 trace that was lifted
and not making contact. Hope this helps.
Pinball Rocks!!
Scott B.
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