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Joseph Nebus

Dec 12, 1996, 3:00:00 AM12/12/96

After months of looking longingly at the High Score table on
"Road Show," which crept slowly out of my grasp, last week I got back
on it, with a fantastic game and my best ever no-buyin score on Road
Show--best score period, in fact.

So why did they choose NOW to reset the high score table?

Added note: Last week I complained--several times, so they got
the idea that tehre was a problem--that the blast zone flipper had broken
and was not holding properly. They finally Acted--putting up a little
sign saying it was broken. Since the sign was gone today I thought that...
maybe...the high score table had been cleared by a technician who had
actually fixed it.

You know the rest. So there's now a new little sign on the machine.

Which I had to turn off, by the way.

Now, the FunHouse...just about every piece of plastic on it is
broken. The amazing thing is how it's still a fantastic game, broken and
bleeding as it is. I asked them if they were aware of just how badly
broken the machine was. I don't think they knew what I was talking about.

Joseph Nebus
Tonight, I think I shall write, on little post-it notes, comments
on what needs to be fixed on that game. One problem per note. Then I would
go to the FunHouse and sticker every problem with a note. I wonder if it
would be possible to see the playfield still.

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