Found-1979 Pinball Themed LP-*Pinball Playboy* by Cook County

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Nov 17, 1995, 3:00:00 AM11/17/95
Was in a used book store yesterday (Thursday, 11/16). Found this
oddity, which I just *had* to purchase.

As I was thumbing through old vinyl LP's, I came across an album
titled *Pinball Playboy: "Playboy Theme"*. (1979-Motown)The cover
caught my attention. It features a woman (Lee Ann Michelle?) sitting
on top of a 1978 Bally Playboy machine. She is wearing white
short-shorts & a lame-type halter top. Her backside is against the
backglass, and she is leaning forward, right hand just above the left
flipper button, left hand between the slingshots. Since she is wearing
a halter top, this pose is, uh, eyecatching.

The first track on the LP is called *Pinball Playboy "Playboy Theme"*.

So, I took it home.

Turns out that Cook County was a disco band, and the Pinball Playboy
tune a 5:35 dance number, featuring sounds lifted straight from the
pin, the *Playboy Theme* that shows up later in the 35th anniversary
machine, and a trio of female vocalists (Jody, Amy, & Lauri Taylor)
cooing about the Pinball Playboy. When I have the time (and a couple
of drinks ;-) ), I 'll transcribe the lyrics. Shakespeare, it ain't.

A man named Vic Caesar seemed to be the main creative force behind
Cook County. He played vibes, wrote every song *except* Pinball
Playboy, and produced the LP.

Pinball Playboy was written by C. Coleman & C. Leigh.

In the credits, we find the following:

Pinball Machine, courtesy of Bally Manufacturing

Special thanks to....Hef for his critique & good times.

Very Special thanks to Lee Ann Michelle for making us look so good!
(I'm assuming this is the cover model.)

Playboy and Rabbit Head are marks of and used with permission of
Playboy Enterprises.

An odd bit of pinball related history, but what the heck!

Scott Piehler- Atlanta, GA

"Ridin' on that lucky Riverboat..."

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