book "Bola Extra! La historia del pinball en España"

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pinball españa

Sep 3, 2022, 12:38:13 PMSep 3
Hello, My name is Txus Algora and I am from Mallorca (Spain).
I am webmaster of the blog "Pinball con Ñ" and the Pinballs made in the database of Spain www.Pinballespañ (or
I write to you because I have written a book of a topic of your interest. This is the history of Pinball in Spain, which has a long tradition in manufacturing Pinballs since the 50s. With the help of the and the Dolmen publishing house, we are trying to publish a book of 464 pages where we collect the history of the industry recreational in Spain and the context in which it developed. We dedicate a chapter to each of the 76 Spanish manufacturing companies (+ a Portuguese) and more than 600 pinballs that they made from the 50s to the present. The book has many photos, logos and more than 400 flyers of Spanish machines.
It has been impossible to make a bilingual version in Spanish with other languages because that would have taken us to more than 600 pages, so unfortunately, the book has only been published in Spanish. In any case, I think the book could be of interest to you.
On the website we are doing a crowdfunding (fortunately we have already achieved the minimum objective) where interested parties can be recorded to receive the book at home. I send some images and here you can see some chapters.

John Robertson

Sep 3, 2022, 2:53:47 PMSep 3
Hi Txus!

Great looking book, and I'm sure it will be of great interest to the
Spanish speaking folks here...perhaps you could run off an English
version later, I agree a bilingual or multilingual book would be a real

Is there any way to release it in a protected digital format - then
other languages could be supported.

I trust there is a section on Interflip's Dragon and Alaska pinball games!


John :-#)#

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pinball españa

Sep 3, 2022, 3:17:02 PMSep 3
If any editorial is interested, we will make an edition in English.
Of course, the manufacturer "Recreativos Franco" is included (not to confuse con Franco the "Generalisimo") and its brand for the export "Interflip".
Although RF manufactured many recreational and slot machines, it made very few pinballs:
Mississipi (1971)
Venus 5 (1973)
Impact (1976)
Impacto (1975)
Cabaret (1975)
Jalisco (1975)
Cherokis (1976)
Cherokee (1976)
Dragoon (1976)
Dragon (1977)
Full (1977)
Alaska (1977)
Super Star (1986)

John Robertson

Sep 4, 2022, 12:31:37 AMSep 4
I didn't know there were other games made by RF/Interflip. I had only
heard of the Dragon and Alaska - because those were imported to North
America by Dale Distributing in Canada.
And now, after far too many years, I see Impacto and other RF games
listed on - not sure why I never looked!

I can't promise there will be a lot of interest in your book if
published in English, I would buy a copy and put them on to
try and sell some more copies...
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